Clinical Results for Dove<sup>®</sup> Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar

Clinical Results for Dove® Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar

Dove® Helps Preserve the Stratum Corneum (SC) with the DEFI* Difference
  • Minimizes damage—with DEFI* technology: a mild surfactant complex that minimizes protein and lipid damage
  • Maintains flexibility—contains stearic acid, a skin-identical lipid that is critical in maintaining the SC function and barrier flexibility
  • Replaces lipids—replenishes lipids stripped during cleansing and generates a buffer against lipid extraction
Suitable for Acne Patients
  • In a 4-week study, patients who cleansed with Dove® felt significant reductions in itching, irritation, dryness, and tingling
  • Mild and moisturizing, Dove® Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar can be recommended for body and face cleansing
Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar Acne Patients

Results from a 4-week blinded comparison study of 50 patients with acne currently using topical treatments. Patients were divided into two groups of 25, using Dove® Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar or soap. After 4 weeks, patients were evaluated by dermatologists. Patients evaluated their own skin via self-assessment.

Suitable for Eczema Patients
  • In a 4-week study, after switching to Dove®, patients receiving eczema treatment reported a significant decrease in itching, irritation, tightness, and dryness
  • Prior to this study, 70% of these eczema patients were still using soap while under a dermatologist’s care. Recommending Dove® may help your patients better manage their symptoms
Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar Eczema Reduction

Based on a double-blind, parallel-group study of 50 patients with mild atopic dermatitis on a stable treatment regimen. Prior to study initiation, 70% of patients used soap as their routine body wash product. 25 patients were asked to use a Dove® cleansing bar in place of their usual cleansing product for 28 days. Eczema Area Severity Index is a measure of the area and extent of body surface with erythema, infiltration, excoriation, and lichenification.

*Directly Esterified Fatty Isethionate.
Discover the critical role stearic acid plays in the stratum corneum

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