New Dove<sup>®</sup> Sensitive</br>Skin Body Wash

New Dove® Sensitive
Skin Body Wash

Our Mildest Formula Ever — Now With Glycinate
  • The formula you’ve counted on is now even better. We’ve introduced glycinate, an ultra-mild surfactant derived from glycine, the main amino acid found naturally in collagen within skin
  • Previously used in facial cleansers, glycinate enables a rich and creamy lather that's also gentle on skin
  • Adding glycinate to our formula allows for a reduction in overall amount of surfactant to help minimize stratum corneum damage
  • Our combination of mild cleansers and natural moisturizers, like stearic acid, help reduce lipid extraction and prevent surfactant binding to corneocytes and enzymatic proteins
See How Glycinate Helped Revolutionize Dove® Body Wash
Discover the critical role stearic acid plays in the stratum corneum

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