Men+Care Active Clean Shower Tool

Men+Care Active Clean Shower Tool

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Dove® Men+CareTM Active Clean Dual-Sided Shower Tool works with body wash for extra scrubbing power you can’t get from just using your hands. The mesh side delivers the perfect amount of thick cleansing lather, and the scrub side helps exfoliate for a deeper clean. Easy to grip and easy to hang. For best results, replace every 4-6 weeks.



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Liquid (Water), Solid (Ice), Gas (Steam)

Top Comments and Reviews:

Men+Care Active Clean Shower Tool 3.4 5 7 7
Good idea with good intentions I was excited about trying this product for a while, so I made the purchase. In the beginning the tool met my expectations; great lather and a decent scrub on the other side. After week 3 the poof net side started to unravel a little; I thought it was just unsettling from being new. Now it has began to disconnect from the unit. I thought that I would get a longer and better use from the tool, as it appeared to be durable and made to meet the rigors of a man with daily use, but it will not do so. Guess I'm back to using some of those poofs from my girlfriend's bath and toiletry gift sets that she doesn't use! February 9, 2013
Not just for men I gave these to the men in the family as a gift. I decided to try it myself- all the girls are going to be getting them now. This product is not flimsy at all and you feel clean after using it. I love this "men" tool! January 19, 2013
Pricey, doesn't hold lather well. Several different brands sell a "shower tool" that is essentially the same thing with a few minor differences. The good news is that the Dove Men +Care version is by far the best from my experience. The bad news is that like the others, it simply doesn't hold lather well. Compared to a washcloth, which only needs one application of body wash to get through a shower, I found that this one would run completely out of lather about halfway through. I also question the usefulness of the scrubber side, not really being more abrasive than the loofah side at all. If there's any positive aspect, it's the fact that it's definitely more abrasive than the average bath pouf or washcloth, so it probably makes for a more exfoliating shower. February 7, 2013
Works great needs better instructions Maybe I'm misreading the instructions, but it seems to say that you use the "scrunchy" side to develop the lather and use to scrub side to, well scrub. I'm not too keen on the 4-6 week time frame as It seems like adding to useless landfill. Very nice with the deep clean body wash! January 15, 2013
great idea, medium implementation I love the idea of having two shower tools in one. But it seems to me that the poofy side is too tight. I have to add soap twice throughout my shower. October 26, 2012
Not well made. Bought to replace another "tool". Works just fine, but after only 2 uses, the "poof" part of the tool has already started to unravel and come loose. It does lather up rather nicely and rinses clean very well though. I don't think it will last maybe another 3-4 showers at the rate it is going now. Maybe I got a lemon, don't know if I'll try another or not. June 30, 2012
good product Overall it suds up well and I had an easy time holding it May 5, 2012
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