Nourishing Oil Care Detangler

Nourishing Oil Care Detangler

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The Dove Nourishing Oil Care Collection transforms dry, rough and frizzy hair into beautifully smooth hair that’s easier to manage and style.

Dove Hair Nourishing Oil Care Detangler acts as a gentle leave-in conditioning spray with a dual-phase formula that won’t weigh hair down. Our unique blend of Dove Weightless Nutri-Oils, enriched with Argan Oil, nourish to help instantly detangle as it replenishes lost nutrients for soft, manageable hair.



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Frizz-Free Shine Cream-Serum

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Water (Aqua), Trisiloxane, Cyclopentasiloxane, SD Alcohol 40-B (Alcohol Denat.), Fragrance (Parfum), Propylene Glycol, Sodium Chloride, Diazolidinyl Urea, Benzophenone-4, Methylparaben, Magnesium Sulfate, Propylparaben, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Citric Acid, Yellow 5 (CI 19140), Red 33 (CI 17200).

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Nourishing Oil Care Detangler 4.3 5 40 40
Leaves hair looking healthy!! I started using this product after bleaching my hair to restore some moisture and it was amazing!! I constantly get compliments on how healthy looking my hair is. The only bad experience I had is buying a bottle that appeared to have no oil in it. I used the bottle for a week and had horrible results plus it smelled badly. I always buy multiple bottles at a time so I compared it to another bottle and it was obviously different! No oil/water separation, no cloudiness when shaken (to show blending of oil/water). I would definitely suggest looking for the oil/water separation to know you didn't get a defective unit, otherwise you might have bad results when really if mixed properly is wonderful! October 23, 2013
Detangles crazy curls without ANY greasy residue I have two daughters that inherited their beautiful curly hair from their dad, and I have spent crazy amounts trying to find products that tame their hair. Many tears have been shed trying to untangle, brush or style hair. We tried this product on a whim, and I'm actually logging in to review it as GREAT because we're all afraid they'll stop making it. Tangles disappear, hair feels great and looks amazing. Curls still have shape but are moisturized without the grease of many shine enhancing oils. Try it if you can find it; we've stock piled it September 17, 2012
Overly Scented I have very long, dry hair (almost to my hips) and I require many sprays of this in my hair. I thought that, because the product is labeled as "oil detangler," that it would smooth my hair while also providing moisture. I was skeptical when reading the ingredients because the first few included silicones, alcohol, perfumes, and salt while the only two oils were towards the end of the list. I tried it, and it left my hair very shiny, but not very smoothed or sleek (moisturizing hair products make my hair straighter and less frizzy). Additionally, the perfumes left my hair smelling nauseatingly scented. I would use this as a finishing spray over my other oil-containing product, but just for the shine. November 25, 2012
great for african american hair I'm a male African American and this works like it helps the hair to become manageable. And I'm surprised it works for African American hair .. great job dove November 8, 2012
i. love. it. I bought this a few days ago and i absolutely loved it! I was looking for an oil/serum for my hair to control the frizziness of it and i stumbled upon this one. i have naturally straight hair so this might have been an advantage to me, but when I use it I'm so amazed. With serums or oils that you usually pour or pump out of a container, my hands usually feel greasy and oily but with this, its so convenient that its in a spray bottle. it detangles so well! although i've never tried this after days of unwashed hair, it detangles pretty well. My hair usually gets tangled pretty easily but surprisingly, this actually prevents tangles! The scent is okay, not very fond of it though. i do highly recommend this and this is very cheap at local targets, or walmarts. for best use i recommend using this after the shower (while your hair is damp, NOT SOAKING WET) and once or twice through out the day. April 15, 2012
Not a detangler This product does not detangle like it claims. I have long hair that reaches halfway down my back. I've used this product every day after showering, and after applying several spritzes, I still have to yank at my tangles. At best, this product should be called a finishing spray because that's exactly what it feels and smells like. After a little over a week, I've gone through one third of the bottle. Also, I'm disappointed that this product contains parabens, a sulfate, alcohol and sodium chloride. All of these ingredients are no-no's for color-treated hair, and have been proven to make hair more dry. The only upside to this product is that it does deliver some shine. November 13, 2012
Morning argument saver! I have an 8 1/2 year old daughter that has blond, very fine long hair. We argue every morning, afternoon and night about her hair. She refuses to brush it and screams when I try. I have bought so many products over the past year and i would have spent hundreds of dollars to save the arguements. I have thought about just cutting it all off, then I found this product the other day....she loves it! She said it was the best spray she has ever used! It actually works and it doesn't hurt to brush her hair. The cherry on the cake was she came out of her room this morning and her hair was already brushed!! Thank you Dove for a wonderful product! July 25, 2012
Makes my hair smooth and easy to manage. I love this product. I always used No More Tangles when I was a kid and this is like the grown up version! There is nothing else like it for long, tangled hair like mine. And I feel like the oils naturally condition my hair and makes it soft and manageable. April 25, 2013
good result for good price I bhought it as I saw something new on a shelf in my usual store. from experience I like all Dove hair products, cauz they make them soft and shiny. Although this product I use in the end, when my hair are already dry, after aplying normal conditioner. I have blonde, very curly hair which are usualy hard to get really soft and shiny, and this product is giving it to me. And it have fantastic smell. After using it my hair are getting soft, shiny and the smell amazing. The spray bottle is also good solution, cauz it lasts for a really long time. I am using it almost every day, even when I don't decide to wash my hair I spray it a bit for that nice smell & shine. Thank you Dove - another product that I will use for longer time. Also had decide for other options of the same product :) February 20, 2013
Great Product I have long fine hair...this is the first product I have used that will let me comb my hair while wet without pulling it all out. Really releases all tangles. I shared this with a friend that has long thick curly hair and she too to was amazed with it. I would recommend this to anyone with long hair. November 12, 2012
Exactly what I needed!!! I typically buy "It's a 10" Leave-In Conditioner for my wavy hair and Suave Detangler for my toddler's crazy curly hair. I was looking for something cheaper than "It's a 10" that I could use on both of our hair. This stuff is awesome! I like that it is in a spray form that mists all over the hair so my hands do not get messy. Also my daughter doesn't run away from me when I spray her hair now. Added bonus---it smells amazing! April 26, 2012
BIG thanks!!! My daughter has thick curly hair and it can be hard to brush through, I came across this product and thought why not try it. I love it and so does she, I spray it on her hair before school and it gives her hair a nice clean look without having to wash her hair every morning, makes it easy to style her hair so NO crying in the mornings thanks Dove!!! April 16, 2012
I hate it I bought this product about a month ago. I used it on a daily base. I didnt Like it, for some reason it made my hair feel really dry. I don't know if it's cause it has alcohol in it? I don't like it I've stopped using it. My hair is back to it's pre using this product days. August 29, 2012
AMAZING<3 This product is a LIFE-SAVER. My hair is very difficult to brush after showers. I have literally spent half my life trying to detangle my hair. Not anymore! I definitely love this product and recommend it to anyone! September 9, 2012
Must buy! My daughter is bi-racial and this product is the best for her as daily detangler. Used to have product for tangles, oil to hydrate and leave in conditioner!! Her hair is down to her butt at 3 yrs old, this product manages all that very well lol. June 8, 2012
Fabulous product!! I love this product! I have very baby fine hair that tangles really easily, this product instantly detangles my hair, adds shines and softness. I also love the way it smells. I wont use anything else!! June 30, 2013
Saved My Hair awesome product with surprisingly good results considering i have not had much success with their other products..i thought wow my hair is shiny and healthy looking and after two hair what starting to feel less and dry and started to feel softer. This product helped me the most because my mom was starting to break like crazy and this spray gave my hair some strength back. I definitely love seeing way less hair in my brush. I hope that they never discontinue this product. :) March 27, 2013
I love this. I love this product. It is great for detangling but it leaves my hair so soft. I have noticed that my hair seems to be much longer, and I'm assuming it's from the Argan Oil. The scent also leaves my hair smelling REALLY great. I love this product. May 12, 2013
Excellent for 50+ hair I agree w/Maraw50, I am 52. My hair is slightly wavy & shoulder length in long layers. After washing/conditioning, I spray (3 pumps each) sides & top & then comb thru. I then comb hair toward my face & let hair air dry. I then turn head upside down, run fingers thru hair, throw back hair & pull sides toward face. Dove is so light on my waves it looks as if I spent time rolling. My hair is soft not scrunchy/hard. March 7, 2013
Terrible packaging! Well, I have been looking for this product for a while (for some reason all the stores in nyc only carry the shampoo and conditioner not the detangler). I was so excited to find it at Target when I was in NJ. Came home to discover that the cap unraveled in my bag and RUINED all my purchases! What terrible packaging to have done that! this is with argan oil so you can imagine what a mess it was. I am so upset, it really ruined my day and my feelings about this product that I originally so wanted. I guess I can be lucky that it wasnt packed in a bag with my favorite clothes. July 29, 2012
Perfect to protect against hot iron drying damage!!! And A+ detangler! Oh, my gosh! Please, never, EVER quit making this product! I LOVE IT! My hair's condition has improved 100% from using this product! Plus, it gives the added super bonus of being the best detangler I have ever used. When I spray some on the ends of my hair before using my hot iron curling iron, it completely protects it from drying out. EVERYBODY needs to know about this fantastic product--it is amazing! Please do not just promote this as a detangler (although it is the BEST ever), it is the best for protecting your hair from curling irons I have EVER used! August 10, 2012
Best product ever! I've tried everything for my frizzy hair and I finally found a product that really works! My hair feels soft and smooth and I don't even have to run a straightener though it now after blow drying! Dove better not stop making this stuff because I'll be buying this forever! February 10, 2013
Works Wonders! I try every product on my hair! i have long hair and i take very good care of my hair, but this is a quick and easy trick i used to make my hair feel extra silky! I really feel that it protects against the elements of weather and heat! This product was less than 4 dollars when i bought it. I would buy it even if it was 15 dollars!! If you want soft hair this is the product for you October 27, 2012
Used this Dove Product ,wont ever change. I tried this Dove hair product, and immediately had results. My hair was soft and sleek in a minute. All the other salon products are in the dust bin . I turned 50 this year & so did my hair. This all day hair condiitioning spray works. I am looking forward to using the shampoo & conditioner by Dove. December 14, 2012
Best hair de-tangler on the market! I bought this product on a whim when I saw it on the shelf at the market. It is PHENOMENAL for getting the tangles out of my toddler's long hair. I use it right after her bath when her hair is still wet, after naps, and whenever she has knots I can't brush out. A couple pumps of the product onto the problem area and the brush goes through the knots smoothly. Just amazing... July 13, 2012
Wonderful product I recently started using this product and now I always have to have it. I have very long and thick hair which is hard to keep from tangling up, but since using this I have not had any problems. It even works when I go in the ocean and need to brush my hair right away which we all know how hard it is to brush after being in salt water. I highly recommend this product for those with hard to care for hair. April 12, 2012
This product is worthless I have very thin and damaged hair. I was looking for something to help me get the terrible tangles out after a wash that wasn't conditioner, hoping something would help bring my hair some health back. I tried using this after the shower and it just didn't work, then I tried in the shower and still didn't get all the tangles out. I am very disappointed. July 23, 2012
Hair support I once had a expensive stylist who suggested a very expensive hair oil. It turned my hair gucky and I wasn't any better with it. I was surprised that Dove put out an oil care product. I threw out my expensive brand and the Dove brand I needed to use less. (Kept the stylist) October 16, 2012
Non-greasy and Light I have only used this product a few times and I am already in love. This detangler has even persuaded me to try the rest of the nourishing oil products. It softens and detangles my hair, yet it is light and doesn't make my hair greasy like many other oily products (I have fine hair). It smells nice and is a pretty reasonable price. August 10, 2012
fantastic frizz & softness control! I have curly blond hair that is colored & tends to be dry. This product is fantastic. I only use conditioner to "wash" my hair & then I immediately use this product before coming thru my hair. Then I use 1 more product to enhance my curls & control frizz. My hair has never been softer!!!! July 22, 2012
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