Style+Care Strength & Shine Extra Hold Hairspray

Style+Care Strength & Shine Extra Hold Hairspray

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Better style comes through better care. That's why Dove has reinvented its styling collection to nourish and protect hair for a long-lasting, beautiful style. 

Dove Style+Care Strength & Shine Extra Hold Hairspray with Nutri-Style Complex provides a strong hold and enhances your hair's natural luminosity. Our non-aerosol formula nourishes to fight frizz and fly-aways while adding body and volume. Enjoy extra hold without all the stiffness for a beautiful style that lasts all day long.



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SD Alcohol 40-B (Alcohol Denat.), Water (Aqua), Acrylates/Hydroxyesters Acrylates Copolymer, Aminomethyl Propanol, Fragrance (Parfum), Cyclopentasiloxane.

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Style+Care™ Strength & Shine Extra Hold Hairspray 1.4 5 83 83
Terrible. You went from the best ever to the worst. I absolutely fell in love with your Damage Therapy hair spray. I thought it was an absolute godsend to those of us with fine hair. Come to find out, you discontinued it. WHY???? You had 5 star reviews everywhere on this product, and with good reason. I broke down and bought this junk, hoping it'd be at least somewhat similar, and instead found I was back to square one with sticky, over-stiff flat hair again. I threw it out after using it twice. Time to start shopping for a new brand altogether. Please, bring back the Damage Therapy or I'm gone forever! May 14, 2012
new favorite hairspray New favorite hairspray. I use this product every single day!! October 17, 2013
doesn't work nearly as well as the old formula. I loved the Extra Hold hairspray with natural movement in the light blue bottle!I This formula does not work as well as the old formula. It tangles my wet hair when used before blow drying. It does not retain my style. It's as if I never used it. I much prefer the old "Dove Extra Hold hairspray with natural movement" that came in the light blue bottle. I used it like a light mousse on my wet hair. I then used a blow dryer and curling iron. My hair looked and acted natural while it retained the body the curling iron gave my extremely fine stick straight hair. This was amazing because I refused to use hairspray of styling products before. I disliked the lacquer stiffness. September 11, 2013
New formula was a bad idea This new formula was a BAD idea. It leaves my hair stiff and feeling like straw. It doesn't allow for any management of the style after you spray. I used the old non-aerosol extra hold version in the blue bottle for years. It left my hair soft and flexible, natural with EXCELLENT hold...curly and straight styles alike. I am very disappointed to lose the old version it made my hair styling routine easy and pleasant. This new formula is simply terrible. It's just barely better than using no spray at all. June 15, 2012
Hate this hairspray !! I really don't like your new hairsprays. I totally agree with previous reviews about the stiffness and flaking, but I'll have to say that the smell of the hairspray is repugnant. to me. That's all I can smell all day long and it totally overpowers any perfume/cologne that I might chose to use. I am seriously considering switching to another brand of hairspray. Why fix something that wasn't broken? PLEASE, PLEASE go back to the previous formulas!!! September 11, 2012
Smells Awful Not only does it make your hair sticky and dull, I had to take another shower before bed because the heavy cheap smell would have kept me awake. Please bring back the old stuff in the blue/white can.It was perfect. This is like the Edsel, New Coke and all the other bad ideas. June 24, 2013
Not good! PLEASE BRING BACK THE BLUE BOTTLE!! Like so many other reviewers I too used the old product in the blue bottle. That hairspray was awesome. This new stuff does not work nearly as good. The smell is awful (I'm a male and this stuff smells like a bad bouquet of flowers). Also, at the end of the day I have white flakes/residue in my hair. The old product never did that! Pleeeeeease bring back the old product!! September 26, 2013
I'm BEGGING YOU DOVE! Please bring back the non-aerosol BLUE BOTTLE!!! PRETTY PLEASE! There is nothing else that compares. October 8, 2013
I hate it!!!!!! I am so dissspointed with this "new formula". I loved the blue bottle and used it for years. This new one makes my hair feel like straw and when you try to brush it out it flakes onto my hair and looks like I sprinkled my head with baby powder. It also smells bad enough that my three year old son even said something to me. I wish I could find something that worked as good as the old hairspray. August 22, 2012
My can does not work I purchased a 2 pack at a BJ wholesale and one of the cans does not spray. I have done everything to get it to work and BJ's will not refund my money so I am now turning to Dove for a coupon or reimbursement. I do love this product but I am not happy with a brand new can that does not spray. September 27, 2013
Like glue! I've used Dove Hairspray for years but am going to have to find a new brand unfortunately. After applying a normal amount, I can't even run my fingers through my hair without it pulling out my hair, it's that stiff. It doesn't even shampoo out, so it builds up, and I had to use baking soda to get it all out. This formula is WAY to strong and has to be bad for your hair. Please bring back the old formula! April 13, 2012
Makes hair stiff I bought this new product because I the Dove hairspray I normally buy is no longer available. I tried this and am so diappointed. It made my hair stiff and it didn't move at all! The previous Dove hairspray had holding power and still looked and felt natural. I have since bought four other brands of hairspray and have still not found anything comparable to the original Dove hairspray. April 15, 2012
Broken Hair from hair spray Found this replaced my other Dove Extra Hold hairspray which I bought for years! I used this new one 1 time and next morning when I used pick to come I came up with broken hair all over my head! My hair never breaks and I am very upset over this. Contact me. Normally I use hair spray every day but have only used this one time due to breakage of hair. May 26, 2012
Hate it--Please Bring Back the Original! I bought this a few months back when, to my complete chagrin, I realized that the Damage Therapy Extra Hold I'd been using for years had been discontinued. This new stuff is awful--heavy, wet, and sticky. It dries fast and crunchy; there's no way to get a brush through it if you want to style with it. It's pretty much the exact opposite of the original, which was great for styling and all-day hold. I've tried several other brands since, and nothing works as well as the original Dove Extra Hold. I finally broke down and bought some off amazon; I see they're still selling some, so I'll be buying more there until they run out. Dove, you've lost a long-time customer, unless you bring back the original! (Please!) August 20, 2012
PLEASE Bring back the Blue Formula!!!! I had been a loyal customer of the Dove hairspray that has since been discontinued. I loved it and was very dissappointed when I found out I could no longer buy it. This new formula makes my hair stiff and leaves a residue on my hair. I don't like it at all!! Please, please bring back the old formula. Why change what was the best find! April 23, 2012
Dislike the new formula!!!! I am completely UNsatisfied with the new formula. Why did they have to change it? Last week my daughter had her dance recital pictures. The "new" Dove hairspray flaked, caked and was horrible. I will NOT use DOVE hairspray again, unless they go back to the old formula. May 20, 2012
Horrible I have used the Dove extra hold forever and for that matter am a very loyal consumer of Dove products. The new product is scalp itched like crazy and it made my hair dry and brittle. PLEASE bring back the good stuff!!!! June 7, 2012
Stiff, Sticky and Smells Weird I too have to find a new Hairspray. Why did they change a good product? This stuff smells weird and makes my hair stiff and sticky. Not a good combination. Luckily I still had some of the old Dove hairspray. I think it's enough until I find a replacement. April 9, 2012
Hate the new product! This new formula is terrible! The old verson was awesome! This new hairspray is stiff, crunchy and has a horrible smell. Please bring back the old formula. Did you even test this product before you released it? Now I have to find another hairspray. April 12, 2012
Awesome Product Unlike the other reviews, I find the "new version" alot better. I have really oily hair and the old product line made my hair even more oily at the end of the day. This product keeps it from reaching that state. June 19, 2012
Aweful What happened to the old version? This hairspray does NOT work its too sticky with NO hold at all. Very dissappointed with this product. July 29, 2012
HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot stand the product. Like a helmet feeling and extremely perfumy! Bring back older, last version PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! July 16, 2012
Hate it. Bring back old formula (blue bottle)! I returned from overseas, where I had brought 6 bottles of the old formula in the blue bottle, so I would always have my favorite hairspray. Now that I'm back in the US, I can't find the blue bottle in any stores. Has it been discontinued? I tried this formula and it is TERRIBLE. Too stiff, can't comb through it and return my hair to "pre-style" condition, awful smell. I am actively looking for a different brand altogether as I can't seem to find the Dove blue bottle anywhere. Too bad. This was my favorite for years. I only came to this website to see where I could buy the previous formula, only to discover it is no longer available. What a shame. September 14, 2012
Very unhappy! This product held my hair but left globs of spray on my hair. I miss the former hairspray. May 25, 2012
Bring Back Blue Formula! Bring back the blue formula.. This one too stiff and makes my hair feel like straw. Hate to touch my hair now. April 17, 2012
disheartening downgrade Yes Unilever, that's exactly what you've turned this once fabulous product into. As a long time wig wearer (both human and synthetic), I had come to depend on the flexibility and cleanliness which characterized this hairspray before the formula got changed to what it is now. I was able to apply it without the worry that it would flake or worse yet, make my wig look like disgustingly shiny straw. I recently had to throw out 1 of my new wigs as the buildup that formed on it was impossible to remove. I deeply regret that you changed this product as I felt good about buying from a company that evidently cares about the environment. I have switched brands (just like another reviewer stated) as I'm not willing to continue using a product that instead of improving the quality of my own hair or that of the wigs I wear, into locks that belong on a grease monkey. Jeers! May 15, 2012
This product is too sticky I would have to agree with most of the reviews that have been posted,...I am very disappointed in this new formula. I loved the old formula in the bluish-gray bottle. It had a much better scent, and wasn't as sticky. It also didn't leave the white powdery dried up hairspray in my hair like this new formula does. I hope they take people's opinions seriously, and switch back to the old formula,..."if it ain't broke, don't fix it" !!!! September 6, 2012
Old Clear Bottle with Blue instead of pink much better Can't find the old non-aeresol with blue instead of pink - Pink is just like all other hairspray out there dries like a rock. Need the old one back less sticky and worked great NOW SEARCHING FOR NEW BRAND. Bring back the other in the men's line. January 10, 2013
This "new" formula is horrible. I thought I was the only one that hates the new hairspray. After searching forever for the "old" flexible hairspray, I broke down and bought what I thought was just a bottle change. Was I wrong! The new one makes my hair look dirty all the time and is very stiff. Are you ever going to listen to the consumer and bring back what works?? November 18, 2012
Not Dove at all! I have been a long time user of the original blue bottle formula of dove hairspray. Needless to say I LOVED the old formula! This new hairspray is too sticky, it doesn't hold my style all day, and it surely is NOT flexible! Half way through my work day, my hair is feeling flat and somewhat greasy. VERY DISAPPOINTED in this new product. August 21, 2012
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