Style+Care Strength & Shine Extra Hold Hairspray

Style+Care Strength & Shine Extra Hold Hairspray

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Better style comes through better care. That's why Dove has reinvented its styling collection to nourish and protect hair for a long-lasting, beautiful style. 

Dove Style+Care Strength & Shine Extra Hold Hairspray with Nutri-Style Complex helps to set your hairstyle with a strong hold and enhances your hair's natural luminosity. Its fast-drying, water-free formula nourishes to fight frizz and fly-aways, while adding body and volume. Enjoy extra hold without all the stiffness for a beautiful style that lasts all day long.



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SD Alcohol 40-B (Alcohol Denat.), Hydroflfluorocarbon 152a,Acrylates/Hydroxyesters Acrylates Copolymer, Fragrance (Parfum), Aminomethyl Propanol, PEG/PPG-20/15 Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane.

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Style+Care™ Strength & Shine Extra Hold Hairspray 1.6 5 116 116
You recently changed your hairspray to this product. It would be better if you went back to the previous product. Ever since the new hair spray was released that replaced the previous formula I have been very dissatisfied. Have had several cans that would not spray until the can was empty requiring a return to the store for refund or replacement. Also purchased a couple of cans recently and before I got home the inside of the shopping bag was full of sticky gunk from leaking hairspray cans. Got all over the other merchandise. You apparantly have a serious packaging problem with these new hairspray cans. Also, this hairspray seems to make your hair feel a lot more sticky than the previous product. June 17, 2012
Best smelling hairspray I have ever used! This hairspray is by far the best smelling hairspray on the market. In fact I love it so much I was looking for a link to ask if it could possibly ever be made into a body spray! The hold was just perfect too. Not too sticky and stiff and not too flexible. Just right. I kept reapplying it throughout the day not because I needed to but because I wanted to smell it. February 1, 2013
Very disappointed I just purchased this hairspray and I cannot stand the smell. It burned my eyes all day and smells like men's cologne. I love the hairspray dove used to carry in the silver spray can. So disappointed. February 19, 2013
First time impression: good product! I recently just bought this product and I'm just beginning to look forward to dealing with my hair for the first time. Before this product, I simply washed my hair and left it to whatever it desired to do. Now, not only do I look forward to styling my hair with this hairspray, I also look forward to the smell....AMAZING SCENT! I'm still getting used to this product, but yes I do highly recommend it. It has not let me down yet... October 30, 2012
Smells terrible This hair spray smells terrible! I wasted $5 by purchasing 2 cans at BJ's. I am going to throw both cans away. March 6, 2013
The only product ever needed I Iove how the hairspray doesn't leave a heavy feeling in you're hair and when brushing you hair later there is no hairspray flakes.The scent is wonderful.I have thick hair and it actually holds my hairstyle in place. January 26, 2013
Love the smell- hate the stiffness I have very curly hair and have been using Dove Hairspray for many years. I recently bought this and my hair is stringy and stiff. I can even touch it as its so hard and looks gross. The old blue bottle gave me a nice natural look. I see no one like the scent but I love it! It reminds me of a perfume I used to wear. I will not buy it again due to the stiffness and frizz that I get with this spray September 13, 2012
Hairspray Love this and love the smell. Just wish I could buy the trail size for my purse. February 1, 2013
Holy grail hairspray! Smells heavenly! Strong hold, but flexible and soft. Hold a hot roller set for days. I love this as much as the expensive salon sprays, but it's such a great deal. January 9, 2013
I love this product! I really love everything about this spray. I have tried many before this. This one does everything I need it to do. It holds; and smells great! January 7, 2013
I really like it! I have a hard time finding hairsprays that aren't too stiff feeling but still hold my hair style. Believe me when I say that I have tried just about everything that is out there and this is on the top of my list! I will continue to purchase this product. October 21, 2012
Nothing like to old blue can!!! Once again you changed your hairspray!! I find a product I like and then it gets replaced with a "new and improved" formula. This is the second time I have dealt with a Dove product change. This stuff is terrible!!! Still looking for a decent replacement for the Damage Therapy spray I started using after your last product change. May 18, 2012
poor quality control I have used Dove hairspray for many years with great satisfaction. Unfortunately over the last year almost every can I've bought has a malfunctioning aerosol sprayer. I tried all the tricks thinking it was clogged but had to return each can. Very frustrated. Have given up. August 19, 2012
Not that bad I have really hard to curl hair and the curls fall out shortly after I curl my hair. With this product, my curls actually stay. There are many one star reviews for this product but I found it worked for me. Also, the scent is amazing! August 17, 2012
The product is good but the spray can is terrible. The spray can does not work 50% of the time. I tried three cans on the shelf at the market and only one sprayed. I bought two cans a few weeks ago and tried several times running the nozzle under hot water but eventually threw then out with quite a lot still in the can June 4, 2012
really like this one. ran out of my normal hairspray recently whilst on holiday won't say which one but it wasn't dove# grabbed this in with the shopping. Have to say I wish you sold this back home as it smells pleasant and actually does provide firm hold #unlike some. June 28, 2012
This product is great. I love this hairspray. It holds without being stiff or sticky and it smells great. I'm so glad I saw your ad on television. October 1, 2012
Wonderful hold all day - very shiny hiar - best hair spray I've ever used. Since using this Dove Style+Care hair spray my straight hair has more body including slight waves and I just love the shine it gives my gray hair. It makes me feel younger. April 28, 2012
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