Style+Care Strength & Shine Extra Hold Hairspray

Style+Care Strength & Shine Extra Hold Hairspray

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Better style comes through better care. That's why Dove has reinvented its styling collection to nourish and protect hair for a long-lasting, beautiful style. 

Dove Style+Care Strength & Shine Extra Hold Hairspray with Nutri-Style Complex helps to set your hairstyle with a strong hold and enhances your hair's natural luminosity. Its fast-drying, water-free formula nourishes to fight frizz and fly-aways, while adding body and volume. Enjoy extra hold without all the stiffness for a beautiful style that lasts all day long.



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SD Alcohol 40-B (Alcohol Denat.), Hydroflfluorocarbon 152a,Acrylates/Hydroxyesters Acrylates Copolymer, Fragrance (Parfum), Aminomethyl Propanol, PEG/PPG-20/15 Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane.

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Style+Care™ Strength & Shine Extra Hold Hairspray 1.6 5 116 116
The odor is horrible I have used Dove Flexible Hold for years. It had little odor and was perfect. New Dove smells to high heaven and lingers all day. Can't stand it!! Am on the look out for a new product that has no smell. Why did they have to ruin a good hairspray???? December 15, 2012
Where Is My Old Dove Hairspray? I have used Dove hairspray for years and it has always been my favorite. The new pink can stuff is horrible. Extremely fine mist, does not hold, and the smell is unbearable. Why oh why mess with a winner? December 20, 2012
Smell I've never purchased Dove haircare products before, and will probably not purchase any in the future. The smell of this stuff is overpowering and lingers all day. Wearing my favorite perfume is a futile effort. Yech. December 14, 2012
Smelly and does not hold I do not like the new hairspray. Please bring back the old formula in the blue can! This hairspray smells awful, does not hold at all! I will not buy another can of this...looking for another! December 18, 2012
Please bring back the old formula I do not like this product, it weighs down your hair and leaves a coating on the hair. The old formula in the blue can worked great. It had great hold without being too stiff or sticky. I had used the old formula for years and loved it It seems so does everyone else. I will no longer use the new formula and look for another product that works. Please bring back the original formula June 14, 2012
Hate it! I have used the unscented Dove for years. I am so very disappointed in Dove for discontinuing it as well as the regular spray. The new spray in the pink can is absolutely awful. The smell is sickening! Does terrible things to my allergies. It's also sticky and heavy. Please bring back the old Dove Hairspray! September 29, 2012
Disappointing I really like Dove products but this hairspray is not what I was expecting. It does have an overwhelming smell but the packaging is what sealed the deal for me. I bought this in the pump bottle first, it just quit working after about two weeks. Wouldn't do anything. Tried running warm water over the spray nozzle, still nothing. So I threw it away with well over half the product still in it. Well, I bought the aerosol version last week and today it has malfunctioned. wouldn't spray, so I ran warm water over the nozzle and it still wouldn't spray. After the third try it has now started squirting out from under the nozzle, making a real mess. that was the last chance. Really, really disappointed. April 10, 2013
Aweful! I used your product for over a year and you changed it! The flexible hold is great but the smell is horrible! It is so overwhelming! It also seems as though it is powdery as it lingers in the air and is too easily inhaled as well and causes me to cough even with just a light quick spray. You lost me as a loyal customer. August 14, 2012
I H ATE !!!! the new formula hair spray. I use to get compliments on the way my hair smelled; however I bought a can of the new formula, and it smells like men's deordorant. I DON'T WANT TO SMELL LIKE A MAN!!!!! I plan to return my purchase just as soon as I can get to WalMart. Where can I buy some of the old formula hair-spray? (Better yet, CHANGE IT BACK!!) August 14, 2012
The Smell That Lasts I am a fan of Dove products, but this is the exception. The "fragrance" is over-powering; makes the use of any cologne impossible. Sweet and thick, I couldn't even wash it out of my hair. Bought 2 on sale. My loss. Will try to use it to chase away the squirrels. September 30, 2012
Why change from the blue bottle formula???!!! I have used the Dove hair spray in the blue bottle for years and have been VERY satisfied. Now that you have this new formula I will never buy another bottle. It makes my hair stiff and frizzy and is horrible. Why mess with a good thing?? If you want me back as a customer, bring back the blue bottle formula!!!!! August 6, 2012
Bring back the scent of the old blue can I have found that hairspray is pretty much hairspray. But the scent can be nice or awful and Dove went from very nice in the blue can to awful in the pink can. In fact, I've purchased a couple of the pink cans and the scent of the most recent one was different and even worse. August 18, 2012
The new formula is awful. I feel like i have lost a friend. I miss the original formula of "extra hold". It was my favorite in the world. Please bring it back. The new formula is sticky. It is like when you find a good hairdresser or doctor. You dont want to loose them and have to find another. I am on my 3rd new hairspray, trying to find what I had with Dove. April 19, 2012
Bring back the old product! Please go back to the old formula in the blue cans! The Flexible hold version was great and was never stiff or sticky. The replacement is awful and I am looking for a substitute product with no luck yet! Please bring back the old favorite! July 26, 2012
Hate the new dove hairspray! The new style + care hairspray is terrible, smell is overpowering, and the hold is sticky. nothing like the old stuff in the blue can. will not buy again. I hate to have to search for a new hairspray after using dove for so many years! bring back the old formula! May 25, 2012
Bad smell with this "improved" hairspray I really miss Dove's original hairspray in the pump bottle of years gone by. It was not stiff but gave body and helped hairstyle stay in place. This new hairspray is REALLY bad. The smell is "horrific". Please, please bring back the good old stuff. May 21, 2012
Changed for the worse Omg where is the old formula??? This is terrible!!!! Please bring the formula from the blue bottle back !!!!!!!!!!!! September 28, 2012
Loved the BLUE..Hate the PINK!!!!! The replacement smells's sticky...doesn't hold and is drying out my ends. PLEASE..PLEASE bring back the BLUE. September 22, 2012
Horrible smelling The smell is so overbearing and it does leave little white flakes, and is very sticky. I only tried this product because of a free sample and it was totally different smelling and was Excellent. So i was very dissapointed with the full size product! July 15, 2013
Skip the Pink New product in pink can is not worth the money. Is nothing like the old product. Very stiff. Reminds me of AquaNet with stinky smell as well. Have been using the blue for years and was happy. Now moving on to other brand. May 6, 2012
Doesn't work I have tried it and I have used Dove hairspray for years but I don't like this product. When you spray it there is just a fog everywhere and it's like I could use a whole can at one time and probably still wouldn't hold my hair. July 13, 2013
Outrageously horrible - go back to old blue bottle version which was an awesome product! Outrageously horrible - go back to old blue bottle version which was an awesome product! I am begging for the old version to come back-PLEASE! July 3, 2012
Do NOT like the new! Please bring back the old! This is too stiff. The old one held well and was flexible!!! I do not like the new Dove hairspray! I have to spray a lot, then it is so stiff! Please go back to the old one that smells better, and works so much better!! May 31, 2012
I don't like the new "improved" hairspray This hairspray made my hair dry and brittle. I have used Dove hairspray for years and i don't know what changed, but I won't buy it anymore. May 17, 2012
terrible product I usually buy John frieda products, but decided to try this product for a dollar less. Big mistake! I should have spent the extra dollar- when you put this hairspray in your hair, not only does it weigh it down and make it sticky, it also leaves white flakes of residue that look like dandruff!!! needless to say i am disappointed.. and now i have to wash my hair again! -peeved May 29, 2013
Hate it! I had used the Damage Therapy hairspray (with natural movement) and loved it. I used it for years. Suddenly, I couldn't find it anywhere so I tried this new kind. HATE IT! Please, please bring back the old formula. I used this two days and threw it out. Now I am trying other brands to try to find something similar to the old Dove. Why would you change something so great for something so bad? May 18, 2013
Strong unpleasant scent; leaves a residue I thought I would try this hair spray as the brand I usually use was out of stock. Dove has an extremely strong scent similar to Skin so soft, according to my husband. It is also very heavy and is difficult to wash out. I have used it twice and am throwing is away- a waste of money. May 25, 2013
Awful smell I've used Dove hairspray for years (in the blue container, mostly due to it's clean and pleasant smell. But this new scent in the pink container with it's powdery smell is almost gagging. I threw it in the trash. Why is Dove changing it's scent? Strangers used to comment on how good I smelled (it was my Dove hairspray.) I'm now having to look for another brand as it seems this new scent is all I can find. Please Dove, go back to your original scent!! April 13, 2013
Smells nasty! I have been searching for a hairspray that doesn't stink. If we want to leave a scent behind our perfume would be the choice we would make. I love Dove, and their message that beauty comes in many forms, so I really hoped this would be the answer to non-stink hairspray. When companies make hairspray do they think, "I know, lets add a scent that smells like a hazmat team needs to be on standby!" Gonna return it today. April 8, 2013
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