Style+Care Strength & Shine Extra Hold Hairspray

Style+Care Strength & Shine Extra Hold Hairspray

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Better style comes through better care. That's why Dove has reinvented its styling collection to nourish and protect hair for a long-lasting, beautiful style. 

Dove Style+Care Strength & Shine Extra Hold Hairspray with Nutri-Style Complex helps to set your hairstyle with a strong hold and enhances your hair's natural luminosity. Its fast-drying, water-free formula nourishes to fight frizz and fly-aways, while adding body and volume. Enjoy extra hold without all the stiffness for a beautiful style that lasts all day long.



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SD Alcohol 40-B (Alcohol Denat.), Hydroflfluorocarbon 152a,Acrylates/Hydroxyesters Acrylates Copolymer, Fragrance (Parfum), Aminomethyl Propanol, PEG/PPG-20/15 Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane.

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Style+Care™ Strength & Shine Extra Hold Hairspray 1.6 5 116 116
What?!?!?!?!? My opinion of this hairspray is at the other end of the spectrum. I LOVE this hairspray. I can finally style my hair and it will stay in place without feeling & looking stiff. Actually, I use the spray as a styling tool too. I spray and then comb. As for the smell, I love it also. It has a fresh/powder odor. I would buy this product in bulk! August 2, 2013
Best hairspray ever This is the best hair spray I've ever tried. It has incredible hold but doesn't make your hair sticky or look like its hard as rock. I would highly recommend it. Price is always great too! November 14, 2013
I have been using Dove hairspray since I can remember. I have been using Dove hairspray since I can remember. I do like the "old" style better, but I continue using the new formula it still works good for me. My issue is the sprayer stops working. I am on my third can(pink sprayer) that has just stopped spraying. It comes out of the top, but not out of the sprayer. So frustrating! I've even purchased them a different places because I thought that could be the issue. And I've cleaned the sprayhole, not that either. Suggestions? October 25, 2013
Works fine, but the smell! As usual, a company has taken a product that worked fine to begin with, and "improved" on it. Only in this case it wasn't much of an improvement. It still works fine, but the new scent is vile. I have longer hair, and usually wear it down, and having to smell it all day...well, it's now hidden in the back of the cupboard, and I won't use it again. Or buy it. Which is a shame, because Dove was my go-to hairspray, and now I'm stuck looking for something else instead, unless they come out with one that's unscented. March 30, 2012
I didn't like the scent at all. I used to love the prior "blue bottle" product. I received compliments as to how good my hair smelled. The new scent is really bad - it smelled bad to me and my thoughts were confirmed when i walked in the room where my daughter was, and she asked "what stinks?". I actually re-washed my hair. Too bad, I have adult girls and we all loved the performance and scent of the flexible and extra hold hairspray. Now we are on the search for another brand. September 17, 2012
Disappointed I just finished the last of my old pump spray bottle and bought a new one. I am so disappointed in the new formula. The old formula smelled WONDERFUL, wasn't sticky and didn't leave flakes in your hair. The new formula is just the opposite, the smell is overbearing, it's sticky and leaves flakes. I'm sure the intention was good to change the formula but unfortunately didn't hit the mark for this customer. October 24, 2013
New fragrance is REVOLTING I've been in love with this product for several months, until I bought a new can yesterday. The new scent is revolting! The old fragrance (I bought a can just last month) was fresh, light, and lifted my spirits. This new fragrance is just awful. It smells like cheap men's cologne, and almost like pachouli! It's really really bad. Please change it back! I have also emailed customer service to get my point across. August 31, 2012
Scent is overwhelming Love the hair spray, but can't wear it. The scent is overwhelming and usually buy unscented. Did not see any unscented in the store. January 31, 2013
another good product ruined When I went to buy some Dove damage therapy Extra Hold (unscented) Hairspray, I found it replaced by a new one. It is awful. First it creates a "helmet head" look. Then, to comb it out one almost pulls hair out by the roots. Plus it is scented. Who needs scented hairspray? I found someone selling the original on Amazon and got three bottles but they won't last very long. Now I will have try other products because I will not buy DOVE hairspray again. April 18, 2012
poor I love all the Dove products. i had been using the dove product since i was 14 i am now 26 this year and still use the DOVE. with these new products for the hair although this is a newer product its okay to me. but i expected better. I think and for my opinion i love the old hair spray, and mousse back in maybe 2006 to 2010 i really love those. The new version i feel that every time i used these products on my hair its supper sticky, or when i blow dry my hair and add a bit of this it turns my hair into a snow flake. meaning it has all those white little particles that i hated into hair products. i loved the old ones and i wish they "DOVE" can bring it back, it never gave me any problems when i curl my hair or add a few hair spray to keep my hair the way i styled it. or even add volume after i had blow dry my hair it looks natural and does not leave my hair looking like i have dandruff. now i would not recommend any of these products to people i know because some of my problems with these new product is something they do not like as well. bring the old product back!! please,,,, its way BETTTERRR!! May 13, 2013
It use to be Fantastic not anymore! I loved, loved the Dove hairspray before. Used it for years until now. Why would you change something that was so GREAT????? The smell is terrible. Please I beg you to bring back the old, great Dove hairspray. If you don't I will have to find another brand. November 4, 2012
A good product ruined We've used this product for years and just bought the new version. My wife is allergic to perfume and broke out with canker sores. We will have to throw it away and find a new brand. Why would you do this? We use numerous Dove products BECAUSE THEY DON'T HAVE PERFUME.Guess it is a new game and will have to replace all. August 26, 2012
Great hold, HORRIBLE SMELL. I only gave this two stars because the product held my hair (curls, in the rain!) all night, which never happens. The smell however, is revolting. I had to open the window and I got a nasty headache. It smells like a combination of CK Obsession and Brut aftershave. September 10, 2012
There is nothing "bouncy" about this product. I've tried this replacement product as I was a faithful and happy user of the Dove hairspray this product replaced. After a few applications I just tossed it. It gives a new meaning to the term "Helmet Head." Any chance the old product can be brought back to life? October 23, 2013
Bring back the old blue Dove hair spray!!!!! This hair spray it's a ZERO compering it to the old makes your hair stiff,frizzy and it smells bad too.Never going back! September 10, 2012
What happened!! I have been using flexible hold hairspray for a long time, but recently the bottle changed from blue to pink. The first formula wasn't that bad, had a fruity smell that wore down after an hour or so, but now it smells like I rolled around in old baby powder! It is literally making my boyfriend wheeze. He used to love to smell my hair when it was the blue can, but now him and I both can't stand it's over bearing smell. Please go back to old smell. I am on the hunt for a new hairspray, but will keep my eyes open if Dove ever goes back to what it had. November 6, 2012
YUCK We just finished up an old can of this and I purchased a new one. YUCK, it stinks I HATE it. I'm so disappointed. I hope I can return it. October 9, 2013
Very Sad I was very sad when you changed the formula of your hairspray and really hoped you would offer both formulas so I could still use the old one. I love the scent and the soft hold of the original formula and can't find anything that comes close to it. I had a little bit left in a bottle and I save it for special occasions but it's just about gone. I had to switch to a different, more expensive brand and I really wish you would bring back the old formula.. July 27, 2012
hate the smell. Smells between mens cologne and cheap hairspray. Dont like it. July 11, 2013
Bring back the old formula The newest formula has an overwhelming smell of powder and the formula makes your hair scrunch up and look frizzy. I used the old blue bottles for years and would never buy anything else. Now, I am trying every other type of hairspray I can get my hands on and I won't go back to using Dove until the old formula is back...Please make that soon, my hair is suffering and us ladies need good hair days to have good days, PERIOD!! August 10, 2012
New product is awful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This new and improved product is awful, it smells terribly, it so sticky when you spray it that you can't move your hair or brush it out. Your hair stays plasters to your head all day. There is no movement at all. Why did you change when you had a GREAT product to begin with? PLEASE BRING BACK MY BLUE CAN. It was a great product and smelled good. Why do you have to always ruin a good thing. Now I have to waste my time and money to find a new hairspray. April 28, 2012
Good product, but nauseating smell. This product provides nice even spray and good styling control, but the smell is overpowering. I would definitely buy this product in an unscented version, but the current product overwhelms the scent of even a strong perfume. If you're in a confined space like a car, the smell is really intolerable. Please introduce an unscented version. November 5, 2012
Poor replacement of the flexible hold hairspray I have been using DOVE FLEXIBLE HOLD hairspray for years! My favorite, because it did not make my hair stiff and it is UNSCENTED. Unfortunately, this item has been replaced by a different hairspray. It may work OK but the smell is disgusting. All day long I had to smell this odor. I returned the can of hairspray and now I'm forced to look for another product. Too bad you decided that this product needed to be improved, because you fell flat on this one. April 8, 2012
Musky smell lasts all day! This hairspray works ok, but I can't get over this musk smell! I wear very light scents/perfumes and this hairspray overpowers it even hours later! Every time I turn my head I get a nose full of musk! January 8, 2013
New scent is TERRIBLE! So disappointed :-( I LOVED this spray! It was the best for holding barrel curls without feeling stiff and crunchy. The old scent was light and fresh, which was part of the reason I tried it to begin with. The new scent is TERRIBLE! Smells like a mixture of old men's cologne and baby powder. I am VERY disappointed that I will now have to find another hair spray, because the new smell is just unbearable. September 10, 2012
the fragrance is awful and sticky the smell was awful smelled like a old time hair salon were they used very cheap hairspray and it felt very sticky, also made my hair feel very dried out. The other can which was blue had a fantastic smell and my hair felt very flexiable just like the can said. Just like the old saying if something is not broke do not try and fix it. PLEASE bring back the pther product and fast !!!! September 9, 2012
This stuff stinks, literally... Why did you quit producing the old product? I was excited at first because of the color of the can. I thought that was the only change. I was so diappointed when I first sprayed it. It stinks so bad it gags me. At night it is almost impossible to brush out. I hate it. PLEASE bring back my blue can. I loved the old formula. Now I am forced like so many of the others to try to find a new hair spray. :( Very disappointed in you. April 23, 2012
I like the hold provided by this hairspray, however the scent is so strong that it overwhelms me. Do you have an unseen tend version? Scent is too overwhelming. Do you make an unscented hairspray with the same hold? January 15, 2013
Reformulation and new fragrance were a huge mistake! I agree with other reviewers; loved the old blue can spray (extra- and flexible- hold) both the regular and the unscented. The new hairsprays leave a greasy-looking residue and make my freshly washed and dried hair smell dirty! November 16, 2012
Great product - why did you change the fragrance?? I have been buying Dove flexible hairspray for years and love it; however, I purchased a can this week and the smell is nauseating!!! Why in the world did you change it? I now have to find a new hairspray that doesn't turn my stomach every time I use it. October 27, 2012
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