Style+Care Nourishing Curls Whipped Cream Mousse

Style+Care Nourishing Curls Whipped Cream Mousse

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Better style comes through better care. That's why Dove has reinvented its styling collection to nourish and protect hair for a long-lasting, beautiful style. 

Dove Style+Care Nourishing Curls Whipped Cream Mousse with Nutri-Style Complex nourishes and protects for long-lasting style. Our lightweight formula with a whipped cream texture gently nourishes hair to help eliminate frizz. Curls are left gorgeously well-defined, touchably soft and manageable without all the crunch.  



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Water (Aqua), Hydroflfluorocarbon 152a, PVP, Cetearyl Alcohol, Dimethyl Ether,Fragrance (Parfum), Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine, Behentrimonium Chloride, Dimethicone, Dipropylene Glycol, Lactic Acid, DMDM Hydantoin, Disodium EDTA, Amodimethicone, PEG-7

Top Comments and Reviews:

Style+Care™ Nourishing Curls Whipped Cream Mousse 3.1 5 196 196
wishing i had the curl and sculpt! i have used the dove curl and sculpt mousse for years, now it has been taken off the shelves and replaced with the whip cream mousse! i DO NOT like it as well as the other its not the same and it doest make my hair look right! PLEASE PLEASE bring back the curl and sculpt!! i am currently trying to find another mousse that i like and still havnt been able to do so! ive used the curl and sculpt probely for 5 years now i usually used 2 cans a week on my hair it did so well and i loved it! i recommended it to all my friends and neighbors this new stuff is just not cutting it!!! April 14, 2012
Great For Curly Girls So I used this going on a trip to NC in August and it was amazing. I normally used paul mitchell mousse and conditioners all my life but I found everything was great. Except the mousse, It dried my already damaged hair out so I figured why not. I am I have THICK CURLY Hair . My mom even tried this and loved it considering she never uses over the counter products. My hair smelt so good, it was shiny and the curls were amazing.. GREATT Product. November 24, 2012
Fabulous product for curly hair! I have naturally curly hair which I am growing long. It is very thick. l was afraid after feeling the mousse on my hands that it would leave my hair greasy, but it does not at all. I defines the curls well and they stay that way. And the curls are not "crunchy." They are soft and loose and my hair feels very conditioned. I can definitely see, though, that this might not be best for thin/fine hair because of the weight of the mousse. However, for me (and my hair), I love it more than anything else I have EVER used! Thank you! April 3, 2012
Change isn't always good! I have been loyal to Dove for almost 10 years. I was often complimented on how shiny and soft my curls felt and looked and when asked what I used I always referred my girlfriends to try it, but I will now have to look for a new line. I am sooo disappointed the old line has been discontinued and without any notice in advance! Though it may work great for thicker coarse hair, this new mousse leaves white residue, makes styling difficult, is too thick and heavy for my curly hair. PLEASEEE bring back the previous line!!! April 10, 2012
love it! I love this product! It is a cream/mousse for styling. It comes out of the can like whipped cream, stiff and foamy, but becomes creamy and smooth when you emulsify between your palms. I just scrunch it into my wet hair after brushing and applying Moroccan oil (another fabulous product; it’s a life saver) and I’m good to go. It smells good, and it’s easy to use. It’s a great, non-crunchy hold, and at a really great price, too. I have 3C curls, and a lot of them, and this product works great for me. June 7, 2012
Amazing! I've used many different products for my curly hair over the last several years...always searching for something that would hold my curls but not make my hair feel crunchy. This is perfect! My curls stay all day, and my hair feels even softer than it does normally. I love it! The one thing I've noticed is that I need to use far less of this product compared to other mousses that I've used in the past. A little bit of this product goes a long way for me. I will buy this time and time again! June 15, 2012
This product works really good. This product work really good in my hair. I have a very abundant and little dry curl hair, and the whipped cream mousse make look my hair curly and shine all day. The only problem a have found is that for some reason after a few days using the foam, the foam doesnt come out of the can even when feel like is full. So the last a buy i opened the can with a knife and is was certain fill with the product more than half of the can, If they can fix this problem, it will be excellent. Thanks May 14, 2012
This product is great! I just recently bought this product and I love it. It doesn't may my hair sticky and it's light weight. I love how it softens my hair throughout the whole entire day and I feel like it even conditions my hair when taking a shower. Unlike other mousse products, when washing your hands after applying the mousse onto your hair, it washes away from your hands really good. It doesn't leave a sticky feeling on your hands. On top of everything else, it smells extremely good, I love it!!! April 29, 2012
Fantastic! So, I have super curly hair and I've tried every mousse in the market. I decided to give this one a try mainly because my sister left it in my bathroom. I am so glad I did!!! My curls are amazingly soft and they don't feel sticky or hard, I LOVE the smell and I since work at a vet, the scent for me is very important, and this one lasts all day! I LOVE IT! November 14, 2012
Amazing!! I have naturally curly hair and haven't been able to find a mousse that doesn't leave my hair "crunchy" until NOW. I can't say it enough how much I love this product. My husband says he can now run his fingers through my hair! My hair is very thick and can be course and this mousse does it all... gives me control and softness! I also use the new nourishing oil care detangler. They work great together. I will never use another mousse again!! April 24, 2012
The best mousse I have ever used for my wavy hair! The smell is amazing! I use soft hold which is perfect. I have fine, wavy hair and I wash my hair at night. if I put product in it is crunchy by morning. Instead I wait until my hair is 60% dry then scrunch this mousse in my hair to dry over night, and when I wake up my waves are intact and super soft. The only draw back is for my fine hair, it is a bit thick. But I love it! I will never buy another mousse again. July 17, 2012
New Dove Mousse I have used the Dove Volume & Lift Volumizing mousse for years. It is gone now. I have tried this new mousse and the other new mousse from Dove and they both are awful! This one is like putting body lotion in your hair. Even using a small amount, it left my hair stiff and weird when it was dry! Why did you have to get rid of the old mousse???? Also, got rid of the Flexibile Hold hairspray and the new one isn't good at all! June 20, 2012
Highly Reccomend it!! I have been looking for a product for a very long time that leaves my hair curly without the hardness of gels. I noticed that my cousins hair was more under control with very defined curls and asked her what product she used. I went out and bought and am very happy with the result. It comes out easily from the bottle and easy to apply. If your looking for a product don't look any further than this! July 30, 2012
Been looking for this! I purchased this product June 1, 2012. I cannot tell you how long I have been waiting for a mousse that dries soft and cultivates my curls the way this mousse does. I was pleasantly surprised and have recommended this product to all of my friends. I have received more compliments on my hair since using this product. It is easy to use and smells pleasant. I absolutely love it. Thank you for getting it right Dove!! June 9, 2012
Super! DOVE The first time I used it I was amazed I have never seen my hair curl this great ! No frizz going on just so smooth !This stuff is great it feels like thick lotion and smells great too! Thanks please make in a larger can! This product is absolutely amazing, don't ever stop producing it. It is by far the best hair product I have come across for naturally curly hair. Thank you, thank you, thank you July 17, 2012
Why the change? Sometimes it's best to stick with a good product. This product definitely has the texture of whipped cream, but it's not effective. It leaves my hair heavy. The first time I tried it I had to put my hair in a bun to hide the nest it left behind. I want the black curling mousse back :( November 6, 2012
Great Product!! one drawback This is a great product that I highly recommend. The only set back is that sometimes the nozzle does not always work and also that not all the product gets out. I wish there was a better way to get the product and more of it in each container. For me it only lasts a few uses. November 9, 2012
Not Impressed - Highly Disappointed My hair is fine & very wavy. I like to let the back of it dry naturally & style my bangs & sides. I was excited to try this product as I'm a huge fan of Dove's leave-in Nourishing Oil Smoothing Cream. This mousse is way too creamy, it doesn't absorb into my hair at all without heavy combing. It does nothing for styling benefit either. I used it 3 times & have gone back to my old mousse for now. Very disappointed. April 13, 2012
Receptionist/Secretary I used Dove Mousse a while back and then I could'nt fine it any more, I was very disapointed that they stopped making it, it was the best mousse I ever used . Then I saw a coupon in the paper advertising this new mousse and I had to get it. I thought the one I use before was good. This is the best Mousse ever. I love it and will continue to buy it. Hopefully other people will to so it stays on the shelf. April 10, 2012
I dont know what everyone is talking about this product is GREAT!! I bought this product because I needed something cheaper then the Aveda products I usually use and I love it! It keeps my curls super defined and super soft, I do have to admit though if I go overboard on applying the product that certain areas will get slightly crunchy. Nothing like other products Ive used. I think women that truly have actual curly hair and use this product will love it!!! May 24, 2012
I am in love with this product! This stuff leaves my curls soft and touchable and it lasts all day. My hair looks full and thick and has tons of body and volume. It's not weighed down or crunchy anymore! I love this stuff! Finally something that actually works. Thank you Dove!!!!! November 10, 2012
Love it! Not sure why all the negative reviews, but I have really curly hair and have used tons of products before trying this and i really love it, i put it in my hair while it is wet and style as usual and it leaves my hair soft and not frizzy like some other products i have tried in the past and it is way cheaper then the Aveda Be Curly i was using... Thanks Dove for a great product!!! June 11, 2012
amazing This product is great the trick is to not use too much of it or it will make your hair crunchy but even then its not as crunch as other products. If you just use a little bit you have nice soft curls! November 22, 2012
Hate the smell! I am loving this product for my natural curl. It helps the curl without being stiff. HOWEVER, I generally buy all my haircare products based on a pleasing smell of some sort (peppermint, citiris, baby powder, fruit). This product smells like medicine! Although I love how it works, I may not buy it again due to the unpleasant smell. August 3, 2012
This is the best curling mousee EVER! I have tried so many products but always ended up with the crunchy feeling and hated ! I went out on a limb and tried this ! The first time I used it I was amazed I have never seen my hair curl this great ! No frizz going on just so smooth !This stuff is great it feels like thick lotion and smells great too! Thanks please make in a larger can! July 4, 2012
For soft, bouncy, shiny hair. I love this product. I have thick wavy hair and it helps my hair to form bouncier curls than my hair does on its own and leaves it soft and shiny. December 7, 2012
Love this Product I tried the new Dove Whipped Cream Mouse and fell in love with it! It leaves my hair soft and silky and there is no hard or sticky feeling once my curls are dry. I prefer this over any other mouse I have tried. My curls are very defined and bouncy! I would recommend this product to anyone who wants beautiful curls! July 29, 2012
Soft but limp The first time I bought this product over the summer, I was in love! Now it seems as if the formula has changed. It's not as mousse-y. My curls are still soft, but now on the limp side. November 11, 2012
Curly hair saviour This product is absolutely wonderful for us curly headed ladies. I have never found a mousse that gave me such soft hold and lasted so long without being crunchy feeling and too sticky. I love how it smells, my hair looks wonderful (even the morning after a night out) and it brushes out very easily when its time to shower. Great product! A+ (= April 26, 2012
Awesome It takes a lot to impress me, but this mousse really won me over. I have super frizzy hair, and so far this is the only product that ACTUALLY controls my frizz! It defines all of my curls beautifully. It works better than all my expensive professional brand styling products. Plus it smells great. Love!!! June 18, 2012
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