Style+Care Nourishing Curls Whipped Cream Mousse

Style+Care Nourishing Curls Whipped Cream Mousse

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Better style comes through better care. That's why Dove has reinvented its styling collection to nourish and protect hair for a long-lasting, beautiful style. 

Dove Style+Care Nourishing Curls Whipped Cream Mousse with Nutri-Style Complex nourishes and protects for long-lasting style. Our lightweight formula with a whipped cream texture gently nourishes hair to help eliminate frizz. Curls are left gorgeously well-defined, touchably soft and manageable without all the crunch.  



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Water (Aqua), Hydroflfluorocarbon 152a, PVP, Cetearyl Alcohol, Dimethyl Ether,Fragrance (Parfum), Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine, Behentrimonium Chloride, Dimethicone, Dipropylene Glycol, Lactic Acid, DMDM Hydantoin, Disodium EDTA, Amodimethicone, PEG-7

Top Comments and Reviews:

Style+Care™ Nourishing Curls Whipped Cream Mousse 3.1 5 196 196
MIRACLE MOUSEE!! If you have thick kinky curls, this mousee will solve all your frizz issues. It defines the curls yet at the same time keeps them soft & hydrated. I've probably used every type of drugstore mousee & this one blows everyone else out of the water. Dove, you've done a splendid job, please continue to sell this INCREDIBLE product. It's a miracle worker on my unruly & untamable curls. LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!!!! September 13, 2012
PLEASE bring back Curl and Sculpt After using Curl and Sculpt for over 5 years, I recently discovered it has been removed from the shelves. It took me over a year to discover a new mousse to replace my previous mousse and Curl and Sculpt did the job. I figured perhaps Dove had improved on the Curl and Sculpt but I am thoroughly disappointed. This mousse doesn't even keep the curls in my hair for a full day when I could previously wait 3-4 days before actually needing to use the Curl and Sculpt. I have had this mousse for a week and it is nearly gone when a can of Curl and Sculpt would last for over 2 weeks. Curl and Sculpt did a perfect job on my hair and I wish Dove would bring it back. PLEASE PLEASE bring back my beloved Curl and Sculpt!!!!!!!!!!!!! July 16, 2012
disappointed in new mousse I also agree with the previous comments, that the new Dove mousse product is a major disappointment. I prefer the previous product especially for shorter hair. I will be looking for a replacement mousse. PLUS....the nozzle on the can is worthless. I have had to return 2 cans to the store because the nozzle either did not work at all or it malfunctioned. April 4, 2012
Do not like new formula for Dove Flexible Hold I have used the Dove Flexible Hold Hairspray for a long time. This new formula is terrible for my hair. It doesn't hold and it is very sticky. I even tried the Extra Hold and it is sticky and makes my hair very stiff, to the point I don't want to try to comb it as it feels like it will break. Please go back to the old formula. May 8, 2012
YES...PLEASE BRING BACK OLD MOUSSE The old mousse was the only mousse I used. It was my favorite mousse, I've been looking all over for the old mousse and can't find. The new mousse is hard and does not bounce my hair at all, it's sticky and hard, the texture is bad. I have no choice but to look for another brand because this one did not do it for me. May 16, 2012
Worst ever I purchased this based on the commerical. It sounded awesome but did not live up to those claimes. It weighed my hair down making it look greasy and also made it hard and crunchy. I passed this along to four other people and they had the same reaction. The only positive was the smell! June 26, 2012
Love it, but the bottle is malfunctioning! I really like this mousse - you don't need very much and it doesn't make hair feel crunchy at all. I first use a leave in conditioner, then an anti-frizz oil serum, then this, and I twirl strands of hair to create defined curls. Love it! The canister thing that it comes in though, is awful! It's malfunctioning, and I've heard of other people with the same problem. After a few uses, maybe the pressure in the can thing is lost, and nothing comes out when you press the button thingy! Such a bummer for such a great product. I'm going to see if I can exchange it at the pharmacy for another bottle - maybe it's a one-off thing, but I don't think so, since someone else in the reviews had the same problem. DOVE, DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS PRETTY PLEASE??? June 29, 2013
Great Product- I love my Curls! This product is great. It leaves my curls soft all day. It also keeps my curls intact with out them getting frizzy all day too. This is my new go-to product! October 14, 2012
Disappointed Very disappointed with the new whipped cream mousse. While I like the smell and the way it still leaves my hair soft, not crunchy, when washing your hair the next day it feels as if the product has completely dried out your hair. Your hair feels like straw. Please bring back the old formula! April 23, 2012
Not worth the money I liked the old mousse so much better!!!!!!! This new one does not hold style or curls it just makes your hair greasy and dirty. BRING BACK THE OLD MOUSSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May 16, 2012
Missed the mark The new Dove Damage Therapy is way too heavy and leaves my hair feeling awful. Heavy and weighs down my hair. The old Dove damage therapy Body and Lift Volumizing condiitioner was awesome! You took it off the market? June 25, 2012
Bad canning product I bought a Dove product call invigorating Dry Shampoo, had never used this product. When I went to use it the can was empty, I didn't have a chance to used it. This product does not stay in the can., don't know why. May 7, 2012
Terrible It's like putting shortning in your hair. Bring back the old formula it was the best kept secret. increase ad coverage on old formula a much better product. Let me go to ebay and see if I can find some. May 17, 2012
disappointed I really liked the curl and sculpt mousse, but do not like this new kind of mousse. The curl and sculpt was light and didn't feel heavy or sticky. This new kind is both heavy and sticky . April 4, 2012
Not impressed I feel like it is so thick and weighs my hair down actually. I do love the volumizing shampoo & conditioner though. May 18, 2012
What happened to the old line of mouse?? This new line leave my hands and hair feeling weighted down. I much preferred the feeling and effectiveness of the old mouse. April 1, 2012
Nozzle is a No Go I was only able to use the whipped cream mousse twice before the can clogged. I ran under hot water etc... but cannot seem to get nozzle to dispense product. Other than that I think I liked the mousse but only trying twice it's hard to make a determination. A product replacement or refund would be warranted. I usually trust Dove products to be of Quality. September 5, 2013
The Best Mousse I've Tried in YEARS... I have very long, very thick, brunette hair. Since in high school (many years ago!) I have had almost every hair color and trend. Naturally, I was born with brunette hair and have worn it very long most of my life. With long, thick hair, naturally wavy hair, the battle is dryness. Like many women through the years, I have tried over-priced and over-hyped salon products and regular drug store products. As far as skin care, I have been a dove user since high school and never regret a day and my skin is exceptionally youthful (no crows feet when I should have them!). Anyway, it is only natural that I try their hair care products being a loyal Dove skin bar user all these years. I love the hair care. I washed my hair yesterday and braided it wet, which I usually do to keep it healthy from the dryer, and my hair turned out STUNNING. For the first time, I used this whipped crème mousse. After I washed with the nourishing shampoo with oils, I used conditioner and then used only this mousse as my styling aid. I just took down my hair and it is so beautiful. It has shine and waves I have not seen in a loooong time. And my hair feels thicker and healthier. I feel badly when I read mediocre reviews for this mousse and fear that Dove will either alter the formula or discontinue it. PLEASE DON'T. I'm sorry if some have had a less than stellar outcome, but I will tell you that many more LOVE THIS mousse, including me!. My thick, wavy, dry, dry, dry and course hair loves it. PLEASE don't take it away or change it. So glad to be a "Dove devotee". Your hair products, deodorant and skin cleansers/bar soap is the best EVER. Thank you for making an affordable yet super-wonderful product. What would we all do without our Dove...? I shudder to think!! September 12, 2013
love the new whipped mousse I just switched back to dove hair products because what I was using was not working well at all. to much frizz was driving me crazy. when I used the new whipped mousse for the 1st time, I thought this is not going to work well because it was so light in my hand and almost started to dissapear, I thought. but then as I was running it through my hair it felt like silk. it was great and when my was dry it was perfect and it held the soft curls for a couple of days so I dont have to wash so often and get dry hair. I was impressed with the hair spray it was not tooo sticky of crunchy. I have very very thick tight natural curls and my hair is very long to the bottom of my back so maybe this works so well in controlling my hair since it is so long and very curly. Either way I was pleasantly suprised at the new product and will continue to use it!!! April 17, 2012
Hate, hate, hate the smell! I have naturally curly hair and am always on the lookout for new products. I like Dove shampoo and conditioner and decided to give this a try. I wish I could have smelled it in the store. It not only smells horrible, but the smell lasts ALL DAY. I cannot stand being able to smell a hair product on myself. I wanted to wash my hair immediately just to get the smell out. Also I don't think the product works as well as my normal brand, doesn't hold and did nothing for my curls. It's going in the trash can. November 24, 2012
Controls frizz and defines curls This product really defines my curls without weighing them down or feeling sticky. I've been using it for a year now and highly recommend it anyone. I wouldn't use anything else! Unlike other products it doesn't dry out my hair or make it shrink. August 26, 2013
Amazing Mousse I've tried every curly hair product on the block. I have 3C curls and this was love at first try. Generally mousse is the way to go for frizz free soft, touchable curls. I've spent a small fortune on hair products. Where were all these products when I was rocking Dep gel and Silkience? But.... I've stopped looking. This mousse rocks. It's affordable, my hair is touchable and it doesn't take 3 hours for my hair to air dry (dries fast). I've heard of the issue of not being able to get all out of the can, but I personally have not experienced that as yet. Try it, even if you don't like it... you only lose a few dollars, not 20-25:) June 30, 2013
Great for my hair! Dove style+care leave in mousse is the only brand of mousse that has been effective on my hair. I have tried everything, all sorts of brands, and nothing has worked like this product has. My hair is curly, very thin, frizzy, and just plain unmanageable. I decided to give this a try when I was at my local pharmacy story because I had already tried everything else. I put it on my wet hair after showering and it worked wonderfully. This product helped define my curls and keep them managed. I definitely recommend this product to others! August 4, 2012
Love it I am a professional hairdresser and have tried EVERYTHING for my fine, wavy in some spots and curly in other spots hair. I won't use gel because it leaves it crunchy and I can't use mousse because it's usually drying or makes my hair stringy and stiff. I tried this product today hoping it would work and I LOVE it! I get the control I need and it doesn't make my hair crunchy. I love the smell too. Be careful not to use too much especially if your hair is fine texture (thinner) or you it will feel to product-y and lifeless. June 18, 2012
Where can I find the old mousse?!? I have been a loyal Dove customer for over 5 years, faithfully using Dove mousse and hairspray. I picked up a bottle of this after my stash ran out, thinking that just the packaging was revamped. Boy, was I wrong. This product is NOTHING like the old Volume & Lift or Curling mousses. It's feels heavy and greasy, and provides no hold. I do NOT recommend this product. I think that Dove made a big mistake discontiuing their old product line. And now, sadly, I'm left to find myself new styling products.... :-( July 25, 2012
Dove's Nourishing Curls Whipped Cream Mousse is my FAVORITE hair product! Dove Hair Therapy Style + Care Nourishing Curls Whipped Cream Mousse is the BEST product I have EVER used for my curly hair! It advertises on the can, "Nourishes for well-defined, touchably soft curls", and they mean it! My curls have NEVER been this soft in my life. I have used every mousse known to woman, and they have all left my hair crunchy or with an unsightly white/flaky residue. My hair is soft and shiny with no white residue buildup. I recommend this whipped cream mousse to any woman (or man!) who has extremely curly, coarse, frizzy hair. I get a shower at night because my hair is too limp if I shower in the morning, then apply this mousse (plus a few other products like Dove Hair Therapy Damage Solutions Color Care Leave On Conditioner since I color every 6 weeks, argan oil, Proclaim Glossing Polish, and a volumizing mousse at the roots), then go to sleep with my hair down to retain the curl and add some texture and volume, then I'm good to go in the morning after a spritz of serum hair spray and an anti-humidity hairspray. If you follow this routine, girls...and you NEED the Dove Whipped Cream Mousse for this process, I guarantee your hair will be gorgeous even in the highest of humidity. Please don't EVER quit making this mousse, Dove! You've invented a winner for curly haired women everywhere! May 27, 2013
Best Mousse EVER!!! I bought this mousse and absolutely fell in love with it! I went right back to the store and bought the rest they had. Well, I now have to resort to buying it online because my store isn't stocking it for some reason! (Or maybe it is just selling out every time??) But it is literally the best mousse I have ever used. I have thick, long, very curly hair. It calms my curls down and makes them a little less crazy and makes my hair so soft and smooth!! August 17, 2012
Made my thick frizzy wavy hair, soft and smooth I have very very thick, wavy/loose curls. Most drugstore products don't work on my hair - either making it stiff and crunchy or doing nothing for my frizz. The product is a great mix between mousse and styling cream - No matter how much of this product I put in my hair, it always comes out smooth and my curls are big and loose. Dove, thank you so much for this product, its been a long time since I've used a hair product that actually worked. August 29, 2012
This product was really helpful for my hair and I loved it! I really enjoy this product ! It was really helpful for my hair, especially I have really curly hair, so this product really help with my curly hair. And the best part is that when I take a shower or forget to put it on the product still help my hair a lot. But sad when I went back to the store to get another one there wasn't anymore and now it really hard to look for this product. I really wish it could go back in store, that would awesome. July 23, 2013
Love the Product - Hate the Nozzle I have wavy, long hair and this mousse leaves my hair soft with very nice waves. I have tried many other mousses that make my hair a bit stiff and this product doesn't. The only complaint I have is the nozzle on the can. I have had to throw out 2 half-full cans because the nozzle did not work after several uses. I made sure the nozzle was not clogged, but still the mousse would not come out. I am afraid to spend any more money on this product for fear that I will continue to have the same problem. July 8, 2013
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