Style+Care Nourishing Curls Whipped Cream Mousse

Style+Care Nourishing Curls Whipped Cream Mousse

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Better style comes through better care. That's why Dove has reinvented its styling collection to nourish and protect hair for a long-lasting, beautiful style. 

Dove Style+Care Nourishing Curls Whipped Cream Mousse with Nutri-Style Complex nourishes and protects for long-lasting style. Our lightweight formula with a whipped cream texture gently nourishes hair to help eliminate frizz. Curls are left gorgeously well-defined, touchably soft and manageable without all the crunch.  



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Water (Aqua), Hydroflfluorocarbon 152a, PVP, Cetearyl Alcohol, Dimethyl Ether,Fragrance (Parfum), Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine, Behentrimonium Chloride, Dimethicone, Dipropylene Glycol, Lactic Acid, DMDM Hydantoin, Disodium EDTA, Amodimethicone, PEG-7

Top Comments and Reviews:

Style+Care™ Nourishing Curls Whipped Cream Mousse 3.1 5 196 196
Total disappointment ! I Do not recommend this product. I had hopes that this product would do what it promised, I was totally let down. It is too thick and as far as frizz control it has none! I might as well use nothing at all. I have long curly hair and I Swear by Doves amplifier mousse, but this product is a flop, literally! November 23, 2013
Where's the old product??!! I've been a faithful user of Dove Curl & Sculpt Mousse for several years, and like everyone else I was excited to see a "new" product that HAD to be better than the old. Not true. The new Dove Nourishing Curls Whipped Cream Mousse is terrible. It not only leaves a sticky film on your hand but also in your hair that you can feel all day when you touch your hair. It gives my hair a hard crisp curl, whereas before the old product gave a nice, weightless soft curl. I was so desperate I used a spare can of Pantene Curl Mousse that I had and I've become use to the product so I might switch altogether to Pantene now, unless Dove brings back the old formula. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!! May 13, 2012
product leaves hair heavy and GREASY I tried this mousse when I could not find dove curl & sculpt defining mousse in my local Walmart. Was I ever left disappointed!! It left my hair feeling heavy with a oily residue and sticky feeling. Why cant someone make a mousse for naturally curly hair without either being greasy or crunchy? I will not be buying this product again and if I can no longer find the curl and sculpt I am left once again to find a mousse that actually works. May 30, 2012
Horrible product I have used Dove mousse for quite a few years now, and it used to make my hair stay up and curly all day, it was still easy to play with; and I was happy. Now with the new horrible formula, the mousse was very very greasy in my hair. It did not hold curls at all, and left a sticky goopy feeling in my hair. My hair is now greasy from using it, visibly and to the touch. I returned the Dove products I bought, and will not be buying any Dove products again until the company brings back the old formula. The new one is horrible, and I am on the search for a new hair product company. I am very disappointed in this. June 7, 2012
Do not like this new product I have used dove mousse for years. I do not like the new formula, it weighs down my nattrual curly hair. I now have to find a new mousse that works for thick curly hair, which through trial and error can become expensive. May 30, 2012
Had it right the first time! Dove, Dove, Dove... what did you do? Your mousse for curls was perfection before introducing this whipped cream stuff. The whipped cream product leaves my hair stiff and sticky. If I touch my hair at work, my keyboard gets sticky. If I touch my hair in my car, the steering wheel is sticky. Not to mention that if you leave it uncapped for a few days it clogs and can't be revived. I'm on the hunt for a mousse that is comparable to what you used to distribute- please bring it back. I beg you!!! June 1, 2012
May be "new", definitely not "improved"! I have used Dove products for years, and I am a loyal user when I find something that works. I have naturally curly hair, so finding the right blend is an arduous journey at times and the old Dove curl mousse was perfect! the new whipped cream style does not blend well into the hair, and leaves clumps (similar to the way mousse in the 80's worked). I am too stubborn to try something else until the can is gone, but am hoping by then they will bring back the old curl sculpting mousse! June 5, 2012
Huge Fan! I am biracial (black & white) so my hair is super thick and curly. I dispense a decent amount of this product in my hands and rub them together until it's a creamy texture & then I distribute & scrunch it evenly through my hair. It gives me great definition and frizz control without the crunchiness of most mousse that I hate! I've gotten so many compliments on my curls with this product and I'm not afraid to let people touch my hair for fear of it being all hard! I think the people who have negative comments about this product may not have super curly or thick hair so the product might build up and cause stickiness but I have never had such problems. Definitely recommend it :) July 28, 2013
Old Curl & Sculpt I LOVED the old product also. I'm throwing this new stuff in the trash.. It is horrible and makes my hair feel horrible and does not hold curl like the old product. I was extremely disappointed that Curl & Sculpt disappeared off the shelves. My hair is about 3 feet long and the old product was the only thing of any brand that worked for me. I always received endless compliments when I used the old product (and the curl held for about 3 days)! Please bring the "old formula" back! December 7, 2013
This product is the worst. The whipped mousse is too heavy and sticky. With the old curl and sculpt mousse, I could touch my hair and not feel any type of residue. The old formula really gave me touchable curls. This new formula is NOT lightweight and gives my curls a crunchier feel than the old formula. I usually purchase 2 cans at a time and I did so again thinking that it was the same product but in a different can. I noticed the difference with the very first application. I have thrown both cans away and I WILL NOT PURCHASE ANYMORE unless the old formula comes back. April 30, 2012
I don't understand WHY they changed the product I have been using Dove's Damage Therapy Mousse for Curly Hair in the mauve colored bottle for many many months now. I changed to this product because the product I was using for years was discontinued. Much to my surprise the last time I went to the store to buy the Dove Mousse this is the only product I could find. I HATE IT!! It is sticky in my hair (tacky but makes my hands sticky if I run my hands thru my hair) and when I wash my hair after using it, there is TONS of build up. I went back and used the last tiny squirt I had of the orginal Dove product and GUESS WHAT it didn't do that to my hair. So now I know that it is the "NEW" formula that they have changed to. I will ABSOLUTELY not be buying this product ever again!!!!!!!!!!! May 5, 2012
Go back to the old mousse I was so sad that Dove switched formulas. This mousse leaves my hair sticky and hard. I LOVED their old mousse for curly hair and always bought a lot of bottles every time incase the store ran out. The old mousse was the ONLY mousse that managed my curls without it being sticky or stiff. Please go back! June 3, 2013
So Disappointed! I am so Sick that Dove has gotten rid of the Curl and Sculpt!....I am down to 1 bottle left and Going to FREAK!..This new stuff is Horrible on my hair it is Greasy and Heavy I do not even Like the way it feels on my hands!..I absolutely do not want it on my hair...Please Bring back the Curl and Sculpt...This is all I ever used on my hair! June 8, 2012
No new NO, old yes!!!!! Greasy, doesn't hold curl, eck June 3, 2012
Why did you change a perfectly good product?! I bought this newly re-designed packaged product from a local grocery store about 2 months ago. I used the mousse for curly hair for the past 4 years (silver bottle with magenta) and I loved it. It always left my hair feeling soft, manageable and NOT sticky. This new product is repulsive. You spray the "whipped" product into your hand and it instantly becomes a pool of liquid in your hand. It makes my hair feel heavy, greasy, sticky and hard as a rock. I am so bummed that they changed the formula because it was the best product I had ever found for my hair. I am LIVID that I have to start the search for a new product all over again. THANKS DOVE.... THANKS A LOT. November 19, 2012
horrible This left my hair feeling like it had a layer of film over the top of it! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring back the Curl and Sculpt line!! I can't find ANYTHING similar to it and it is the ONLY thing that has worked for my curls!!!! July 3, 2012
To Thick I absolutely hate this product. It is so thick and heavy I hate to put it in my hair. I was completely in love with the old dove mouse for curls and received compliments all the time about how amazing my hair smelled. NOT anymore--so heartbroke you replaced and amazing product with this low quality goop. Please bring back the old formula, it was the best EVER. June 9, 2012
Wow! I'm guessing you didn't like my first review and all the others. Cause there were more than two negative reviews last time I checked, one was mine and here it is again. This stuff is awful. It leaves this yucky residue on top of the hair....not being absorbed! And it leaves it on your hands. Its sticky and gummy. I have very thick long hair and it does nothing for my hair. Instead of washing my hair and putting your damage therapy curl mousse and let it dry throughout the day(I loved it....made getting ready in the morning so much less of a chore), its either straightened(which takes an hour and half and usually done the night before) or its in a frizzy pony tail cause this stuff doesn't work! Go back to the Damage Therapy. Remember the customer is always right. April 4, 2012
Only mousse I use! My curls look and feel AMAZING! My hair noticeably curls better when scrunching with this mousse. The curls are defined, soft, bouncy and even smell amazing. I am a teacher and need my curls to be maintained. This is the only mousse for me and I hope they never stop selling this product. I have converted many of my friends to this mousse and purchased it myself from a friend's recommendation. We have to buy it in bulk because it flys off of the shelves in my store! November 27, 2013
I love this product but cannot find it I found this product at Wal-Mart, Walgreens and CVS several months ago but I have not been able to find it for a few months. I love this product. I love the whipped cream texture and it holds better than any mousse while leaving my natural curly hair soft and not crunchy. I can get two days out with perfect curls without having to wash everyday. I have never found a product I liked as well as this one and I am really disappointed I can't find it. I am back to using mousses and gels together because I cannot find this one whipped mousse. November 18, 2013
Miss "MY" Mousse I have used Dove products for years. Love the fact that the product are light. That brings me to the new Whipped Cream Mousse...I want my old Curl and Sculpt It seemed lighter more shine and curl. I pay alot to have the curls put into my hair and the Curl and Sculpt Defing Mouse kept the there even the next morning. The new leaves my hair feeling sticky no curl and frizzy bring my old back to me! May 21, 2012
Amazing stuff! Just tried the Dove Nourishing Curls Whipped Cream Mousse. I have short, salt & pepper, semi-wavy hair, and this mousse makes it so easy to style my hair....makes the straight parts blend in with the wavy parts and keeps the wavy parts under control. Love it, love it, love it! November 27, 2013
This new Dove feels greasy--mousse as well as spray. Give me back the old products! This new Dove feels greasy--mousse as well as spray. Give me back my old Dove, please! June 8, 2012
Bring the formula before this back! I have used Dove mousse every day for the past four years. Until now it was referred to as "volumizing mousse", now it is "amplifying". I hate this new formula. It leaves me hair feeling sticky, hardened and overall disgusting. I would NOT recommend this formula to anyone. In fact, I refuse to buy Dove mousse products again, unless the original formula is brought back! May 5, 2012
dont like My friends, family, and co-workers all use to use your dove products. We all loved your old dove curl and sclupt moose it worked so well i recommended it to everyone and just about everyone that i recommended it to used it and loved it. now you have came up with a new line of products that has left everyone in total disappointment. when we found out that you were taking the old moose off the market everyone rushed to stock up buying till it was gone. now we have tried the new product and dont approve it leaves white stuff in our hair. how can we order the old product? May 11, 2012
Style + Care = Perplexed Perplexed as to why the Damage Therapy Curl & Sculpt mousse was replaced with this awful mousse! This Style + Care mousse makes my hair way too shiny but not in a good way. It makes my hair look shiny dirty. Whipping cream is for cakes not hair. Bring back the Damage Therapy Curl & Sculpt mousse, please! June 27, 2012
Formula before this one was BETTER This new mousse, although defines my curls well and controls some frizz, the new formula is sticky and even after my hair is dry when i touch the curls there is a strange slick/sticky feeling. The mousse that Dove had prior to this new one was 100% better, it was my hair lifesaver...please bring it back!!!!!!! May 3, 2012
Too Heavy and it leaves hair crunchy! Horrible mousse Dove mousse volumizing body and lift was the best mousse ever!! This new replacement is horrible. Its not "weightless" and it leaves hair greasy and crunchy. Time to look for another brand thats similar to the one Dove discontinued. June 1, 2012
Heavy and Greasy Look :( This new Whipped Cream Mousse was a real disappointment. I've been a Dove brand loyalist for YEARS and this mouse doesn't feel or smell like the Dove brand. The mousse feels chemical-ly unnatural, really heavy and greasy on my hair. Even my scalp felt sticky. If you have thick waves or curls I don't recommend this product. If you are looking for a great mousse, I highly recommend Dove Damage Therapy Curl & Sculpt Defining Mousse but good luck finding it, as Dove replaced it with this can of whipped goop. June 12, 2012
Not for me.... I have naturally curly hair and this new product is terrible for me. It weighs my curls down, no more spirals and just overall does not work for me. I would not recommend trying it....... I want the old mousse back. May 1, 2012
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