Style+Care Nourishing Curls Whipped Cream Mousse

Style+Care Nourishing Curls Whipped Cream Mousse

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Better style comes through better care. That's why Dove has reinvented its styling collection to nourish and protect hair for a long-lasting, beautiful style. 

Dove Style+Care Nourishing Curls Whipped Cream Mousse with Nutri-Style Complex nourishes and protects for long-lasting style. Our lightweight formula with a whipped cream texture gently nourishes hair to help eliminate frizz. Curls are left gorgeously well-defined, touchably soft and manageable without all the crunch.  



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Water (Aqua), Hydroflfluorocarbon 152a, PVP, Cetearyl Alcohol, Dimethyl Ether,Fragrance (Parfum), Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine, Behentrimonium Chloride, Dimethicone, Dipropylene Glycol, Lactic Acid, DMDM Hydantoin, Disodium EDTA, Amodimethicone, PEG-7

Top Comments and Reviews:

Style+Care™ Nourishing Curls Whipped Cream Mousse 3.1 5 196 196
Miss the old Curl and Sculpt Mousse I was truly disappointed when I could no longer find the Curl and Sculpt Mousse at any store. I used that product for maybe 10 years... I even would buy it in bulk because it was so wonderful on my hair. It left my hair moisturized with soft curls you could run your fingers through. The new product leaves my hair frizzy and and dryer than ever. My hair was looking so bad that I had to start looking at different brands to see if any of them would work. Now instead of wearing my hair down, I have to pull it up. I miss my curls. I truly dislike the new cream mousse and have discontinued my use. I will not use another Dove mousse! Please go back to the Curl and Sculpt Mousse. November 26, 2013
Please bring the old mousse back :( Its been over a year since Dove Curl and Sculpt Mousse disappeared from store shelves, and I still miss it! It was the only product I ever found that made my hair look absolutely beautiful. I found half a bottle of it when I was moving, and I couldn't have been more ecstatic! But I know once that half a bottle is gone, I'll have to go back to this product, which doesn't put nice curls in my hair and leaves my hair so greasy. I hate this product, and I'm looking for something new, but I haven't found anything that comes close to it in the past year. Dove, is there any chance of getting the Curl and Sculpt Mousse back? There are so many poor reviews for this product, and so many reviewers asking for the old product to be brought back! August 13, 2013
You will be noticing a great deal of dropping in sales for this whipped cream mousse This new mousse is the absolutely the worst ever!!! Makes my hair sticky, tangly, and greasy. Please bring back Dove curl & sculpt defining mousse. I've been a loyal consumer of Dove for 10+ years, especially the hair styling products, however recently I've noticed that Dove curl & sculpt defining mousse as well as other mousse line has been discontinued and has been replaced by this whipped cream mousse. I had to try to have my two cents in, and the result was a great disappointment. I searched all of the grocery chains and drug stores all over Calgary, AB, for Dove curl & sculpt defining mousse but was unsuccessful. Now I had to switched to another brand to replace my Dove curl & sculpt defining mousse. If Dove/Unilever cared at all about your loyalest consumers think, you would bring back Dove curl & sculpt defining mousse. July 3, 2012
mixed feelings I have fine, straight, color-treated hair. I love the conditioning aspect of this product. I don't think it made my hair greasy, and it gave it a nice bounce. Unfortunately, the applicator stopped working and now I have 3/4 of a bottle's worth that I can't use. (I tried running it under hot water. Didn't work.) Now I can't find it anywhere. I tried going back to regular mouse, but it just leaves my hair dry and flat. January 13, 2014
Best hair product in 43 years of trying!!! I love this product. I live in Nashville, where it can be humid. I have fine, very curly hair. I use a generous amount of this and let my hair air dry until nearly dry. I finish with a blow dryer so my hair isn't crunchy. It looks beautiful and is soft to the touch. No more frizzes...Nice big, perfect curls. LOVE this product. I've spent a ton of money on way more expensive products for curly hair and they pale in comparison. LOVE LOVE LOVE January 3, 2014
Love this product! I'm so glad I tried this mousse when it first came out. I have fine yet curly hair and it is extremely hard to find a mousse that will hold and define my curls, yet be soft to the touch without looking oily. Unfortunately, it is becoming harder to find this in the stores now. I will resort to buying online if I have to, but prefer to purchase in a store. Please don't discontinue this mousse it is perfect for my type of hair!! January 4, 2014
Gives me soft and bouncy curls :) I have thin, very curly hair that frizzes up pretty easily. What I do is I wash my hair in the evening and let it air dry with the mousse already in my hair (I put a lot of mousse so at first it feels crunchy). Then I sleep with my hair out and I wake up with really crazy looking volume but the curls look nice! I just arrange my hair and put on some spray gel and flexible hair spray all over. I just have to make sure I dn't touch my hair during the day and I look great. :) The only this is that this mousse HAS to be applied onto WET OR DAMP hair, otherwise ur hair with dry with white stuff on it. So on the 2nd morning, i have to put in some kind of gel with water to rebuild my style. Overall, I like this mousse because u need less product than u would if u used another mousse. Also, it's very creamy and when put the mousse in yours hands and rub them together, it doesn't feel light and watery like my other mousses do. I'll keep repurchasing :] August 18, 2012
PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLD VOLUMIZING BODY AND LIFT MOUSSE!!! Worst mousse ever!!! I had used the old Dove Volumizing Mousse Body and Lift formula for years. Seriously I have never bought another brand of mousse in 6 years. For me it was the most amazing hair product EVER. And of course I saw these white and pink cans where my white and purple cans used to be. And I just knew it was discontinued. So I bought a few cans of the new formula and after two uses I will be throwing the cans away. Dove please bring back the old formula!!!! It was my holy grail mousse!!!! May 28, 2012
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