Refresh+Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo

Refresh+Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo

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Better style comes through better care. That's why Dove has reinvented its styling collection to nourish and protect hair for a long-lasting, beautiful style. 

Our weightless formula absorbs oil to transform hair from lifeless to bouncy so you enjoy style that looks and feels refreshed with a freshly-washed scent, even when you skip your regular wash.



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Isobutane, Propane, SD Alcohol 40-B (Alcohol Denat.), Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate, Butane, Fragrance (Parfum), Isopropyl Myristate, Silica, Cyclopentasiloxane.

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empty!!! I liked the smell and how this product worked, but i only got to use it twice! given it was only a little bit at a time!!! I felt compelled to write a review and i found out that i wasn't the only one with this product going empty! I also will be going back for a refund. Dear Dove, Please fix this problem. April 17, 2012
Really poor quality Really bad quality of the dry shampoo. I bought it twice, because first time I used it once and in one week the bottle was empty. So I decided to give one more chance and bought it again and it was the same situation. Used it once and in one week it is empty, but it should last as minumum for 1 month. April 1, 2012
Loved this dry shampoo, despite defective packaging I really liked this dry shampoo product, it wicks away oil, smells great, and leaves hair refreshed. That being said, the packaging appears defective because the can was empty after one use (sad face). Hope Dove resolves this issue, because I'd love to purchase this product again in the future. April 18, 2012
Ugh! so Frustrated!!! Basically everyone is right! i used this spray twice and poof! GONE. at first i thought my roommate used all up but come to read all the reviews and i'm not the only one. Such a shame too cause i was excited about this product. only thing that was good about it was the smell. May 21, 2012
Love this product! Great product, does what is expected of a dry shampoo! July 31, 2013
Great product...but the bottle is empty! The product, itself, works great...makes your hair feel clean and smell good in between washes, but after one use, it is EMPTY! I have returned it twice to my local Wal-Mart. I thought I would try, again, but this new bottle has started to leak. April 19, 2012
Dry Shampoo Same as the others I bought this product and it worked well but after 1 use the can was empty. So I also bought another thinking it was the can or a defect. I had the exact same result with the second can. This was a huge waste of my money twice. April 3, 2012
Used it twice and the can was empty!??? I liked the product just fine- in fact I was excited that Dove had come out with a dry shampoo, that is until I realized the can only lasted two (very skimpy) applications! I thought the can was defective, but apparently not. April 26, 2012
Extremely Disapointed It ran out after one use! I liked it the one time there was product in there, but am frustrated that I spent that money and feel wasteful for using a product like this that only works once. June 19, 2012
let down This product smells great and really did the job, however (like everyone else) I only got ONE use before it went COMPLETELY empty. Not sure whats going on, but I need to return this! :( I love this product though! April 21, 2012
Great product I loved this dry shampoo. I've tried other drug store brands and this is by far the best. I have long dark thick hair. Sometimes it does spray too white but you can rub it in with ur fingers. It gives me great volume and I think it smells great. The bottle lasted about a month. The only problem I have is finding it in the stores near me July 4, 2013
Bottle was empty after one use! Everyone seems to be having the same problem. I got one use out of it. These should all be recalled to avoid having people waste more money. Very disappointing. June 15, 2012
RAN OUT!! Just like everyone else in this feed, mine ran out after 1 to 2 uses. Too bad because I loved how it worked and it smelled great! Any chance of a refund? June 11, 2012
Smells good but not worth the $ I loved the way it smelled but only got 2 uses out of it before it stopped working. It did an okay job but had used other brands in the past that worked better and longer. April 18, 2012
Not worth it Used the product once, went to use it again and the bottle was empty. April 3, 2012
Very effective on my short fine hair Just bought this today and was so pleased with it I had to submit a positive review. I read about the product in a magazine and was very skeptical. I often have to run out the door to get somewhere with my toddler before I can wash my fine straight hair and I always have oily hair when waking up in the morning. Saw this at the market today and thought I'd give it a try. It made my hair look even better than it does just after it is washed! I could even style it. I did a 30 minute workout on the elliptical machine and as the sweat dried, my hair still looks oil free and has body! I am amazed. I have not encountered the empty bottle issue mentioned by others below. But I just bought it and used it for the first time today. July 13, 2012
Why is this still on the drug store shelves? I wasted my money! I was satisfied with the actual product, however like many others, I only was able to use this once. When I tried to use this again after a few days, the bottle was COMPLETELY empty and would not spray. I also would like to mention that even on my first (AND ONLY) use, I had problems with it not spraying out. For such a price and what this product claims, I expected to get more than one decent use! I guess I should have suspected something when CVS had a sale on this for weeks... But I have now switched to Psssst! (aka: the original dry shampoo) and I am very satisfied with their product, especially when compared to this one. I don't think I will be using Dove's products from now on... September 6, 2012
Great dry shampoo with a reasonable price I really love this dry shampoo. I have tried several different brands to keep my hair from looking too oily without having to wash it every day. The Dove dry shampoo performed better than far more expensive brands. The smell is what really sealed the deal for me. It has a nice fresh scent without being overpowering. I don't know if I just got lucky with my bottle, but I had no problems with it running out after one use. I have used the same bottle every few days for over a month now. My only complaint is that it can leave a white residue on my hair. The residue comes out when I brush my hair, and I have red hair so it is not too noticeable. It may be more of a problem for folks with darker hair. June 18, 2012
The product is, great, but only last for one use The product is great, but only last one use, can empties overnight, tried this twice, can emptied both times. Dove need to fix this issue. June 9, 2013
Works well but needs fixing! This product works great and smells great too but like many of the other reviewers have said, something is wrong with the can. The first can I had I maybe got 5 uses out of before it was completely empty. I bought another can and after using it once I could hear a hissing sound like a leak and all the product had leaked out. I took it on a plane on a trip so I thought maybe that was the reason why. So, because I liked it so much tried a third can and just tried using it tonight and it was completely empty. I used this can ONCE and I sensed a leak in the can again. I wish this didn't happen because I really love this product but will not buy another! August 9, 2012
Does not last Ive bought this product 3 times now. I love what it does to my hair and love the way it smells however it is no good to me. I bought a bottle and used it once then i didnt use it for a few weeks and when i went to go use it again it was empty. Then i bought another bottle thinking maybe i got ripped off with the first one. The 2nd bottle did that same thing. Then i decided to buy it a 3rd time (for what reason, i dont know). The 3rd time I didnt even use it but kept it in my gym bag for about a month. when i went to go use it, it was empty. must be from all the shaking around, i dont know. Its just waste of money , really June 25, 2012
LOVE this stuff Smells great and works well....what more could you ask for?! May 9, 2013
Don't recommend After repeatedly telling my mom how good this dry shampoo is, especially compared to Rene Furterer Naturia (@$20 per can), I bought it for her to try. She used it once and, when trying to use it a second time a few days later, she found the can was light and seemed to be empty. She asked me if the can I gave her was new or used, which is slightly embarrassing (it was new, straight from Farm Fresh.) I have not had any problems with my can (bought on a separate occasion). However, Given the numerous complaints on this website and the experience with my mom, I will not be recommending this dry shampoo to anyone. July 23, 2012
Doesn't Last I was SO excited to find dry shampoo at my local store. My hair gets really greasy fast, so I have to wash it every single day. The first time I used this, it soaked up all of the grease! I did not have to wash my hair that day, but I also did not feel like I had dirty hair. However, I went back to use it again today and it did not work. There is still stuff in the can (I can hear it), but it will not come out. Is Dove really creating a product that will only last once? I'm very disappointed in the one use I got out of this product. With only one use, it is not better than other products that cost more money. July 18, 2012
Wasted my money I was hesitant to buy a dry shampoo because I was hearing that they do not work. But I've never used anything by Dove that I do not like. So I purchased it. The first use I was very impressed. My hair was soft, full of volume, and my roots were oil free. But after one use I tried to use again a few days later and the bottle was completely empty. Thinking that someone might have used it or accidentally leaked it, I bought another. Same thing happened. One use and then nothing. I cannot believe what a waste that was. Ridiculous. I will not purchase this product again until Dove fully resolves this problem. July 13, 2012
Amazing product, awful packaging. This dry shampoo works so well! Its the best of all I have tried. The smell is to die for and it doesn't leave much residue on your hair after use. BUT the packaging is absolutely awful! I bought my first bottle and only got 2 uses out of it. The next time I went to use it, the bottle was empty! I then bought I second bottle, thinking it was just mine that was bad, I've used it once and its almost empty already. That makes this product absolutely disappointing to me. If Dove can fix the problem with the bottles, this would be my favorite dry shampoo! August 25, 2012
Great product, but only got 1-2 uses! :( I was very pleased with this product the first time I used it, but after the 2nd use, it was gone or broken. Whatever the case, nothing more would come out, which is ridiculous considering the size and cost of the product. I was so happy with how the product soaked up oil in my hair without leaving a gross residue (like other brands) that I bought a second bottle, but only got 1 use out of that! Judging by all the comments, this is a huge issue. Will Dove reimburse users or fix this issue? I would like to continue using the product if I know I'll get my moneys worth. June 21, 2012
same problem, empty after one use I had the same experience as everyone else. I used it once (just a little bit on my part and bangs), and when I picked it up to use it again a couple days later I could immediately tell by the weight it was empty. I have no idea how this happened. I was going to try a second bottle in case it was a fluke, but now I know better. It's a shame, because the formula seemed to work really well, better than the other brand on the shelf, and Dove smelled better too. I've had the other product over a year though, using it maybe once a week, and it's not empty. June 4, 2012
Fair Absorbency I was a little apprehensive about using this product because I have a lot of thick hair. It exceeded my expectations as far as being able to get to the scalp and getting through all my hair. I have been able to use it three times so far with quite a bit left in the bottle. I don't notice it leaking when I use it. My main issue is it didn't absorb most of the oil in my hair. I used it according the directions and then did it again and I still have a greasy feeling in my hair. November 9, 2012
Love it the first and only time I used it... I love dove products! I was super excited when I saw the dry shampoo and bought it instantly. I wake up early for my job, and I'm not the morning person so I use dry shampoos usually around two times a week. Loved Dove's dry shampoo--great smell, leaves a good texture, and doesn't wet hair like other dry shampoos. When I went to use it a few days later, only air came out and no product. When I shook the can, I could feel about only 1/4 of the can left with product. I thought it was defected until I read other reviews online. I was super disappointed! May 1, 2012
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