go sleeveless Beauty Finish Deodorant

go sleeveless Beauty Finish Deodorant

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The only anti-perspirant/deodorant with unique ¼ moisturizers and vitamins E and F. It goes beyond 48-hour odor and wetness protection to help replenish delicate underarm skin—leaving it softer, smoother and ready to reveal in just five days. The gentle formula stays on skin, not on clothes, to provide superior care. Good-bye sleeves. Hello beautiful underarms!



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Proper Underarm Care: Shaving

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Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex GLY, Cyclopentasiloxane, Stearyl Alcohol, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, PPG-14 Butyl Ether, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, PEG-8, Fragrance (Parfum), Dimethicone, Silica, Polyethylene, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Steareth-100, BHT.

Top Comments and Reviews:

go sleeveless Beauty Finish Deodorant 3.7 5 52 52
A must try! I will never use another deodorant again I'm in love This is literally the best product I have ever used. I was amazed by the nice smooth feel when I put it on. I could tell instantly it was such a normal not clogging me up feeling! I love dove and that's all I use but now that i found the go sleeveless, ill never use another product again. Thank you dove November 17, 2013
Smells great! Does not go on clear I bought this product mainly for the smell. I was thinking of buying new deodorant and the smell drew me in. I do feel it diminished the dark area in my underarms, but definitely not in the 5 days as advertised. I'd say it happened in more like 10 days. Also, it does not go on clear like advertised. There are still white marks present on my clothing, which is such a disappointment. And if you sweat, the product does not cover the smell. After working up a little sweat or going to the gym, I do not feel fresh and I do realize I might have to put a little extra on for added protection. April 11, 2013
One of the best deodorants out there. I like trying a whole lot of different brands of everything so I know which hygiene items are good and which ones to stay away from. And I must say this is one of the best deodorants I have ever used. I'm not a fan of stick deodorants due to the fact that my work shirt is navy blue and most sticks leave marks, regardless of how much they claim that they don't. This deodorant goes on so light it really amazes me that my clothes do not get white marks on them and a little goes a long way. I sweat very heavily walking around in the hot and humid Florida summer months and I can trust this deodorant to last me all day. The smell is wonderful and when I start sweating, the deodorant seems to kick in and the nice scent actually seems stronger. My underarms do feel wayyy softer and not as dry and cracked as before. Wonderful product. August 2, 2013
Didn't work for me I was hoping that this product would help improve the appearance of the skin under my arms, but after a month of use, I have seen no noticeable changes. I also dislike the scent. I might continue to give this product a chance if it came in an unscented variety. September 22, 2012
Fails as a deodorant! Though this product did actually make my underarms smoother and better their appearance, it failed miserably as a deodorant! It doesn't keep you dry and wears off mid day! I actually think I smelled worse than I would have had I not worn any at all! I loved the way it made my armpits look and feel, but wetness and odor protection are more important! Too bad it couldn't deliver on both promises! April 1, 2013
negative changes to my underarms I switched from Secret to this in the hopes of softer, lighter colored pits. I liked the smell when it went on and it did make my underarms a little softer. Unfortunately it did not go on clear or provide the long lasting protection it states. I began sweating more often and became funky within hours. I had to apply at least two to three times a day to stay decent. I have since switched back to my regular product, but since using dove I smell much more often and never had this issue before. I never had to reapply and now I have to. October 3, 2013
Awesome ♥ I have used secret for ever. I am 27. I just baught dove a week and a half ago. I love love love the smell. It lasts all day. I will never ever ever never use sticky old secret again. Dove is the best!!!!! October 17, 2013
I LOVE THIS PRODUCT I have seriously bought about 10 different kinds of deodorant this year, searching for the product that would make my underarms smell good from the moment I put them on to when I was sweating out in the sun. It smells so fresh and a bit girly and never seems to wear out. It goes on smooth, does not seem to clump at all. I never bought it because of the "Go Sleeveless" aspect, but it smelled great so I gave it a try. Now, not only did the deodorant make my underarms smell florally fresh and stay dry, it is starting to making my underarms look great too! I think I have finally found my go-to deodorant/antiperspirant! September 11, 2013
Great deodorant - effective and makes my skin feel soft and smooth - great skin care benefits! This is one of my fave deodorants - I like both scents available (Pearl finish and Nourishing) and the efficacy and skin renewing benefits are great. April 9, 2012
Not what I expected I've been using this deodarant for months now, and I still wouldn't 'go sleeveless.' It didn't make my armpits noticeably smoother. However, I do like the smell, and it does seem to keep odor away for a while. I just wouldn't reccommend this product based on how it makes your armpits look and feel. September 4, 2013
This product does not work. I bought this products in hope that I could actually go sleeveless in 5 days. Its been 10 days and both my daughter and I armpits look exactly the same. This product is not different from no other antiperspirant. It cost much higher than other too. Didn't work and I would not recommend it. Matter fact, I plan on doing Youtube video on product review as well as blog it. February 25, 2013
A must for sensitive armpits! I have extremely sensitive armpits after waxing. I would have to wait days after waxing before I could apply deodorant and I'd still experience stinging and pain. This has contributed to underarm discoloration This deodorant is incredibly moisturizing and soothing! It actually helped relieve post waxing soreness and doesn't leave my pits a blotchy maroon color. Because its so moisturizing I do have to wake up a bit earlier to ensure that it dries before apply. Keeps me from perspiring in the hot Florida heat too! July 18, 2012
Drub off on your shirt. If you sweat I wouldn't recommend this to you. My ten year old on the other hand likes it. Doesn't last all day on protection or odor control. Rubbed off onto my shirt. Wouldn't recommend it to people who really sweat. My ten yr old liked it. February 14, 2013
GOSLEEVELESS soothing chamomile. Fantastic product, the best I've ever had. GOSLEEVELESS soothing chamomile. February 8, 2013
not so spectacular While it smelled nice and kept me dry, it did nothing for my underarms in terms of making them smoother and softer. Also, I was hoping it wouldnt leave a white residue on my clothes since I have to wear a black shirt for work, but no luck. December 5, 2012
So happy! I have to admit, when I bought this product, I was skeptical. But then, when I saw results the day after first using it, I was amazed. I am absolutely thrilled with my results, and I would definitely recommend Dove GoSleeveless! December 8, 2012
Does Not Do What It Says I have been using this product for three months and have not seen any difference in the appearance or feel of my underarms. It does prevent odor pretty but most other deodorant do that for me just as well. I will not be repurchasing. July 28, 2013
Go Sleeveless bad odor Makes me smell during the middle of the afternoon. I never smell like this and I thought it may be coming from someone else. It's a shame because when I smell the bar of deodorant it is wonderful, and the feeling of putting it on is so smooth and refreshing. But it does not work well with sweat. I began using more of the product after my shower to fight the odor but it would clump up and leave balls of deodorant in creases. I usually buy another brand and this was a surprising let down. I will just stick to the body wash. June 20, 2013
Skeptic is Now a Believer Purchased this product as a "Why Not?" with pretty low expectations. I've always had problems with deodorants/antiperspirants. Either the deodorant didn't work and left me smelly or it did work and left me with bumpy irritated skin. I was shocked when this product worked! It keeps me dry/fresh and all the underarm irritation has disappeared! I'm sold! May 24, 2012
So-so This deodorant does not go on clear as advertised. It also gets on my clothes and has white residue. It does smell great and lasts 24 hours, but only if you aren't very active. However, I haven't found a clear deodorant yet that lasts beyond a work day. June 22, 2012
Great product I have been using this for a little over a week, and I wasnt really expecting it to do what it says it does, but my underarms definitely look smoother. Although I still sweat (I live it the hot desert) it keeps me from smelling bad. Overall I really like the product, it smells nice, makes your armpits prettier and it keeps you smelling fresh June 6, 2013
Meh I thought I tried this one after I couldn't find Visibly Smooth at my store. Figured it SHOULD work considering they're both made from the same company. Didn't do anything and didn't feel like I was kept clean. I'll go buy Visibly Smooth online and I hope Dove keeps it around! June 9, 2013
I tried Dove for the first time when my Secret was gone. I threw it out after a week and went back to Secret. It didn't feel protective or smell good. I tried this product when my Secret was gone. I used it for a few days and by the end of the week I was back to Secret and through my Dove away. I found my underarms not protected like normal they seemed to be more perspiring occurring. I didn't really notice the same scent at the end of the day from the beginning of the day. It was kinda like it wore off and it claimed to be 48 hr. I was not happy with it and pitched it. April 24, 2013
Love the pleasant scent This product goes on smoother than the Ultimate deodorant line, probably because it is more moisturizing. Unlike the Revive scent which I find too strong to be discreet, this scent is quiet but does its job. The scent lasted three hours under very active exercise. (I was sweating bullets.) I didn't expect the anti-perspirant to survive these conditions, but before I got to work, it was definitely doing a great job of keeping me dry. I've cut myself a few times shaving, but this did not cause any stinging or irritation. February 23, 2013
Great product I have very sensitive skin and I highly recommend using this deodorant to improve smoothness of underarms. It worked quickly and is very effective! May 19, 2013
My clothes have spots. It doesn't cover the smell when you sweat. In addition your clothes get dirty. I have stains on my shirt I can't eliminate even with a lot of very good stain removers. May 11, 2013
Disappointed I was so hopeful on this product but it didn't work for me. Smells nice but it doesnt do what it says it does. Love Dove products will just have to keep experimenting til I find the one for me. April 24, 2013
It does go to your clothes very subtle smell and last longer other than deodorant products. I would recoomend this product to family and friends I love this product . This product is very subtle smell. And it does not rud to your clothes when you put it. May 1, 2013
The best Product. I ove products in my home for the past 30 years. I like the smell of Dove, and how it works why pay for something that dont do the best. April 22, 2013
it's ok definitely more moisturizing... highly confused by the different scent names - how about using shea butter, powder, and cucumber scents that most of us are used to? i usually use powder roll on all year long and it's the only one that actually doesnt leave white marks.. March 24, 2013
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