Clinical Protection, Original Clean

Clinical Protection, Original Clean

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Dermatologist tested Dove Clinical Protection delivers prescription strength defense against wetness and contains Dove ¼ moisturizers to care for delicate underarm skin. And unlike leading prescription anti-perspirant/deodorants, it does not contain aluminum chloride or alcohols which can cause skin irritation and discomfort. With our most powerful all-day protection and exceptional skin care benefits, it is the ultimate combination of strength and beauty.



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Proper Underarm Care: Shaving

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Active Ingredient(s): Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex GLY (20%) Other Ingredients: Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Microcrystalline Wax, C18-36 Acid Triglyceride, Silica, Fragrance (Parfum) Helianthus Annus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Dimethicone Crosspolymer, BHT

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Clinical Protection, Original Clean 4.2 5 36 36
Worth every penny!!!!!!!!! I never write reviews, but had to for this product. It works!! Since I was a teenager I have not been able to wear light colored solid shirts (now 39 yo). Today I wore a solid t-shirt and did not have ANY, nothing, nada, perspiration. I was even working out in the yard where it was humid and about 85 degrees and the only sweat I had was on my face! I can't believe I actually found something that works!!!! THANK YOU.-By the way I tried this brand because of the female friendly body image campaign. WOO-HOO, off to buy some new shirts. September 4, 2013
Great products to try Love the dove products. Me and my husband both use the clinical deodorant (which I am so happy they came out with a line for men because now he likes the product) and I use the regular blue body wash and we love them. We have been purchasing them for several years now. December 18, 2013
Love it! Every deodarent that I used before this one never quite worked, after a while I felt like I smelled bad. This makes me smell clean all day! It's amazing! October 22, 2013
Love this! My problem is the packaging. Why does it come in the crank up type? For the price, I'm not happy about the amount. Solid would give more! Love the clinical strength! My problem is the packaging. Why can't it be in a solid, instead of the crank up style? The amount doesn't fit the price. Mine always seem to be about half full. February 27, 2013
Overall, very satisfied Deodorant works differently on different bodies, but for me this one really seemed to work. Before, I was using the Dove go fresh in Pomegranate. It was working well but after awhile it was like my body got used to it and it made me sweat more than when I wasn't using deodorant! I switched to clinical protection, and I've noticed a huge reduction in the amount I sweat on my underarms. For me, the smell isn't overwhelming, and it seems to do a pretty good job of covering up the smell of sweat. I haven't had the problem others had where the bottle leaked. Maybe they took off the top under the lid? The two things I would recommend is clearer instructions on how to work the bottle and that it's not a solid deodorant, so you have to leave the second "lid" on. Also, it does seem like a small amount for the price (it's only about half the bottle!) Otherwise, it's working very well for me! Lastly, since it's not a solid deodorant, if you're having problems with the amount of moisture after you apply the deodorant, it helps to either rub it in after you apply it or to let it dry before putting on your shirt. This lessens the chance it will make your shirt all oily. June 29, 2013
best product ever..i really like it. Best product ever.just do not wast ur time and money using other brands. October 9, 2013
Product works well -- packaging is a failure The product works really well -- I'm a guy and this is the ONLY deodorant/antiperspirant I've ever found that works well enough for me but doesn't strip the skin off my underarms and make them really chapped and painful. My problem is with the packaging. It takes forever to get the product to come out of a new bottle. The bottle leaks all over the place, no matter if it's hot or cold or room-temperature -- ruined the MDF board of my medicine cabinet. Now I have to wipe the bottle down with a paper towel every time I use it so that my hands aren't all oily with the stuff the leaks out. And forget putting this in your suitcase -- on a plane, the thing leaks EVERYWHERE and gets an oily mess all over everything. So, it's a great product but I hope they can figure out how to fix the packaging WITHOUT changing the product. May 7, 2013
This product provides excellent protection on perspiration. I purchased the clinical protection strength for a household family member. It does provide excellent protection against perspiration. Since I am writing this review it should be obvious I highly recommend this product. My only complaint would be It does cost a little more than other brands. However, it's worth paying a little more for a product that works. My advice would be when it's on sale stock up to save yourself money in the long run. Especially since you'll be using it everyday. July 26, 2013
Disappointing I wanted a dry roll-on to replace my wet Mitchums anti-perspirant and deoderant. The "dry roll-on" is the only attribute I found that works. First and foremost, this is too strongly scented. All of these should be available in frangrance-free. I don't want to smell deoderant and it may be an issue for people who need frangrance-free for allergies or in their workplace (medical, etc.). Second, I'm not sure it is as effective at stoping the body odor smell. It does seem to keep me relatively dry but I need both dryness and deoderant with no overpower scent. And the applicator tends to get oily - a design flaw in the packaging of the lid that is a little hard to remove. May 19, 2013
Amazing Product! I sweat, a lot and I have tried Secret Clinical Strength before but it didn't work very well. I made the switch and it lasts all day! Defiantly recommend the product! August 12, 2013
What a mess I have had problems with deoderant causing dark brown marks and caking under my arms for years. So I am constantly trying new types. Nothing seems to work. Also, I find these products to be a really greasy, and the bottle leaks greasy liquid which makes a mess. this has happend with every bottle of Dove deoderant i have ever bought, not just this type. October 24, 2012
Saved me! I sweat alot... like alot. And since last year I was so embarassed with the way I would sweat through every shirt I wore. It was terrible! I decided to try Dove Clinical Protection... on the first day I could already feel the difference! Throughout school I didn't sweat at all. It was 90 degrees outside and I didn't sweat! I am buying this deodorant despite the price! August 29, 2012
I don't sweat- but the product does! OK, I love this stuff with how it works on me, but let me tell you a little story.. I finally broke down and bought the clinical protection (visible hair? version) when I moved back to Florida. I sweat like a guy, and it was getting ridiculous here. Men's products didn't even work and I was tired of looking like I just ran when I have just arrived! Anyway, with that first purchase I was very happy with the results, no sweat!, no odor, no wet clothes, no stained clothes- perfection! Then this funny thing happened, I kept finding oil marks in random places on my shirts or jeans. I just chalked it up to me being a klutz. Then one day i pulled something out from behind my deodorant to find it wet and oily, ok- maybe something leaked, maybe that's why I had marks on my clothes. No biggie. Then one day I noticed my perfectly clean shirt had an oily mark on it- AFTER i had thoroughly cleaned the medicine cabinet. OK, so- I put my deodorant on after my shirt is on by going under and up, right? Then it hit me- the Dove antiperspirant was SWEATING! And the oily whatever it is, was coming out of the bottom of the container when I turned the dial, dripping on my clothes or pooling in the cabinet. Upon closer inspectton, yep, it was true, it was leakng something. My house isn't hot and neither is my cabinet, so I tossed that one and bought this- the original, hoping it was just a fluke that first time. Nope, about 3 weeks into owning this new one, I found an oily puddle in the cabinet again. So, If I put a paper towel under it and remember to be VERY careful applying and making sure I wipe the deoderant, It won't happen and I can still stay dry. But, this is silly! Am I the only on experiencing this phenomenon? Because, I love this stuff and don't want to switch, but only the dry cleaners have been able to get that oily stain out of my shirts, it's getting pricey, its that, or I have to remember to get undressed to use my antipersperant, which is annoying. January 4, 2013
felt like sticky silk My daughter and I gave this a try for a couple days to make sure it was what we liked. We found this to be full coverage and smooth going on. I found relief from the continual dryness I had been getting since moving to Oregon. The only concern that both my daughter and I had was the way we had to apply. We would have been sold if it came in a more solid form, but really that is our preference. As for the product, I think we would both highly recommend this to others. June 23, 2013
Disappointing and lacking I purchased this as a change-up from another clinical deodorant. With summer approaching, its main appeal was for 'smooth underarms'. After a few days of use, i found the product lacking in a few categories. First, after applying as directed, my underarms began smelling shortly into the day and there was wetness, so it seems the product doesn't even work. Second, my underarms did seem smoother but also very dried out, even after washing with deodorant soap and Dove Moisturizing Body Wash. May 26, 2013
This is a greatproduct This is a very effective deoderant. Works all day long.The price is right and it has a great scent July 8, 2013
I love this!! I love how on a busy day or when I am wearing a thick heavy sweater, I can sometimes catch a whiff of my deodorant. THIS tells me that it is working. I have to admit I tried the Secret version; I never felt as confident wearing it. I went back to Dove an have been happy and confident all day and all night. Thank you for making such a remarkable product. June 6, 2013
Was a Great product I received a sample from dove and Smiley360. It was awesome.smooth and keeps you dry. July 1, 2013
Literally takes minutes for product to come out of container and then clothes smell anyways... I bought this product because I love Dove products and I have been unhappy with other brands of antiperspirant. First of all, I hate that all clinical strength products are this oozy cream stuff. Second, after opening it, it took literally MINUTES of turning before enough product comes out to put on. This is day 3, and I am still having to turn it for minutes to apply and I am finding that my underarms are wet within a few hours and my clothes smell like sweat by the end of the day (which is not normal for me). Very disappointed. March 19, 2013
More money for the less protection. I recently moved to CA and was having trouble with my regular Dove deodorant. I was getting wet shirts every day. I thought that spending extra on the clinical protection would help. I followed the instructions to apply at night, and then started also applying in the morning. I have the same amount of wetness, and I can smell myself after about an hour into my day. I was better off using the original because at least it would protect against odor. November 3, 2012
This product makes clothes smell When I first wore this product, I was thrilled. I didn't sweat and my underarms smelled faintly of the fragrance of the product. I discovered quickly that the product does not stop my clothes from smelling. The underarm area of my clothing smelled strongly of BO. this has never happened to me before. I was disappointed and stopped using the product. October 10, 2012
This is the best! I have tried all kinds of deodorant/antiperspirant products and this is the best! I have very sensitive skin and have tried other clinical strength products, but they irritated my skin. Dove doesn't! I would absolutely recommend this product! This is the only antiperspirant that I have found that works for me. I have even tried men's products, but this works better than all of them I've tried! July 23, 2012
This product did not work for me I usually use secret deoderant and never really noticed BO on my clothing or myself. I have been noticing it often since I switched to dove clinical protection. Although I see many good reviews it did not work for me. November 15, 2012
I love Dove Clinical. It keeps me dry and I feel fresh all day. I highly recommend this priduct I love Dove Clinical. It keeps me feeling fresh and clean all day. I highly recommend this product. October 12, 2012
Fantastic protection! I was a little reluctant to purchase because of the increased price but it is worth every penny. Keeps you dry without irritation and has a mild smell that is not very noticeable. July 18, 2012
Very good product. Our local store; Safeway in Leavenworth, WA keeps running out of the product and they don't have all scents available. Overal this is a very good product. I highly recommend it. September 28, 2012
Great wetness protection!! I love this product! Smells wonderful and keeps me dry!! A little expensive and in this economy I wish I could find coupons! April 12, 2012

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