Clinical Protection, Cool Essentials

Clinical Protection, Cool Essentials

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Dermatologist tested Dove Clinical Protection delivers prescription strength defense against wetness and contains Dove ¼ moisturizers to care for delicate underarm skin. And unlike leading prescription anti-perspirant/deodorants, it does not contain aluminum chloride or alcohols which can cause skin irritation and discomfort. With our most powerful all-day protection, exceptional skin care benefits, and the refreshing scent of cucumber and green tea it is the ultimate combination of strength and beauty.



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Proper Underarm Care: Shaving

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Active Ingredients: Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex GLY (20%) Inactive Ingredients: Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Microcrystalline Wax, C18-36 Acid Triglyceride, Silica, Fragrance (Parfum), Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) See Oil, Dimethicone Crosspolymer, BHT.

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Clinical Protection, Cool Essentials 4.1 5 28 28
Only deodorant I use This is the only deodorant that I use. It keeps me dry & comfortable for hours, comes in a number of scents I like, & is gentle on my skin. I've tried many different brands that offer clinical protection, & Dove is the best!! January 10, 2014
awesome product This is the ONLY antiperspirant/deodorant that is effective for my teenaged athletic, daughter and myself, as I've entered the menepause years. It not only is effective in controlling odor associated with prespiring it also has a very pleasant, mood enhancing and feminine scent. It also feels soft on our skin. It leaves no streaks in our clothes. I have zero complaints. I do have one trick for when I seem to be out...I crack open the top, and we get a couple of days more use from what's right under the cap. December 4, 2013
Confused about directions It says to apply the deodorant at night for best results. But I have to shower in the morning. So if I put it on at night, even if I try to avoid washing my armpits in the shower in the morning, my armpits will still get wet in the shower. So my question is: Is the deodorant waterproof? And if not, then what am I supposed to do? November 23, 2013
works great! I'm a big person who sweats allot and have sensitive skin. This product is amazing and never ruins my clothes.a little expensive for me, but i won't use anything else . August 1, 2013
Love the fresh scent! I absolutely love this deoderant! I love the fresh scent which is not to overpowering like some other brands. It also goes on clear so I don't have to worry about white spots on my clothes. I can't stand floraly scents that give me a headache. This is so fresh and works just right. April 25, 2012
safe I have tried every Dove product, this was on my list and I received a $ 2 off coupon so what`s not to love? I can raise my arm and feel confident that my underarm won`t be wet November 11, 2013
This works wonders! This product is fantastic! I would definitely recommend it! November 9, 2013
fresh all the time Keeps me smelling great all day long and does not irritate my skin. I love it. August 8, 2013
The Only One I Can Use! I have been using this particular product for over 10 years because it's the only one on the market that has worked with my ever changing body chemistry. It's really amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone who has problems with fragrances. Its great! July 8, 2013
Unlucky number I really like the scent, feel and product, however I picked within a year two defective products where the scrolling disk below doesn't push the product out. Very frustrating. April 9, 2013
wouldnt buy again after seen the new dove maximum protection deodorant on tv i wanted to try it as i do alot of walking and some jogging , sorry i got it my tops were left with the marks of the deodorant on them its like a white cream i am very disappointed and this deodorant and was a little bit more in money then i would pay NEVER AGAIN August 8, 2013
I still sweat when I wore this product I normally love Dove products. However, this one did not work well with my body. I have been using clinical strength deodorants for about five years, and I have never had a problem, until now! This particular deodorant provided no barrier, and I was wet under my armpits like I haven't done since I went through puberty!! August 17, 2012
Great Scent Very happy with this product. Been using it for years. December 8, 2012
Shocked to see anyone had issues with this product I have been using this for well over a year & love this product. I would give it 10 stars if I could. I have a weird body chemistry & have a hard time with fragrances changing on me & smelling really bad but I have never had that issue with this deodorant in any fragrance. I have forgotten to apply it a few times & have found that for me it lasts up to 48 hours. I am always hot & sweat when it's 10 degrees out & this is the only deodorant that keeps me fresh. Thank you for an amazing product! I <3 Dove! January 9, 2013
This the the BEST antiperspirant that I have used! Dove Clinical Protection Antiperspirant is not only effective but it also does not cause any irritation or rash. I cannot use most antiperspirants because of skin sensitivity and that includes those made for sensitive skin. I also sweat a LOT and this formula keeps me from sweating and developing body odor. Last but not least I am allergic to most scents in products bu the Cool Essentials scent does not trigger a migraine or any allergy symptoms. This is the best. Thank you Dove! October 26, 2012
VERY EFFECTIVE!! Hands down my favorite deodorant! I first tried this out because it was on clearance at Target. It came with a travel size also and a full size for on $7 so great deal. I used the travel size for gym and I have to say, WOW!!! I did not smell as much under the pits and not a single sweat! So impressed! I use this daily now and for the gym. The only con is it runs out fairly quick if you use it daily and kind of expensive. (Around $8). But other than that I am soo pleased. August 17, 2012
đid not like I dont like this product! I would be in class and my underarms would be soo wet and i wasn't even doing anyhting for me too sweat. Any other products my do u guys reccomend that helps with the amount of sweat and something that is strong and when u smell doesnt smell bad. This one mixes with ur odor which is not good. December 2, 2012
What a mess I have had problems with deoderant causing dark brown marks and caking under my arms for years. So I am constantly trying new types. Nothing seems to work. Also, I find these products to be a really greasy, and the bottle leaks greasy liquid which makes a mess. this has happend with every bottle of Dove deoderant i have ever bought, not just this type. October 24, 2012
Completely ineffective A real disappointment. After a week of diligently applying "two clicks" of the product under each arm before bed, I am still very wet in the pits. And I'm not even talking about going to the gym and expecting the product to hold back the sweat. No, I've been sitting at my desk the whole day in a normal temperature room and I'm wet. Not what I expect for $10. September 28, 2012
Dove Clinical not quite what I expected I have tried both secret and dove clinical and was disappointed with the performance with dove. By the end of the day, it had wore off. I have used it more than once, and it always wears off. May 29, 2012

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