Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant, Skin Renew

Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant / Deodorant, Skin Renew

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Product Description:

Did you know? When underarm skin is irritated by shaving, it can respond by creating dark marks. 

The solution — Dove Clinical Protection Clear Tone Skin Renew Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant. With calendula and sunflower seed extracts, its unique formula moisturizes to accelerate the natural skin renewal process while providing prescription-strength wetness protection. 

Show off beautiful underarms with visibly reduced underarm dark marks with regular use over time.



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Proper Underarm Care: Shaving

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Active ingredient: Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex GLY (20%) Inactive Ingredients: Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Paraffin, Microcrystalline Wax, Fragrance (Parfum), Silica, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil, Officinalis Flower Extract, BHT.

Top Comments and Reviews:

Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant / Deodorant, Skin Renew 3.8 5 35 35
Works great This works great for my sensitive skin! Also it worked well so I was less shy about wearing tanks and bathing suits. August 27, 2012
awful Did not work at time of stress .u spent 14.00 on a product that did not stick to its clinical strength I even used the regular brand first.But florida Is humid and this product does not work at time of humidity. Really I was disappointed. July 17, 2013
Not comparable to other clinical protections I had such high hopes for this product as I do love the stick deodorant when I don't want to use my secret clinical. I was hoping that the dove clinical would work better than secret because the dove stick works better than secret stick on me. Unfortunately, the dove clinical wears off within around 2-3 hours---which is clearly not ok nor worth the extra money for 'clinical'. it does have the great signature dove scent....but unfortunately, your own body scent will cover that up in about 2-3 hours. August 22, 2012
wasted product I was pleased to find this product , at first.....That was before I found that you are on able to get about 50% of product out of the container. It is a roll up and you can only get 50% out ......I have resorted to holding container upside down and banging on counter to just get some out ....repeating this each time I needed product. I even bought more thinking it was just one container. nope. I work 12 hr shifts as nurse and I needed the protection this gave...but it is not worth buying. July 4, 2012
Good Product that works I really like this product. It has helped my discoloration issue. I wish it came unscented though. February 10, 2013
Works Great I love this product. I use it daily. Sometimes you need the extra protection. I do have one negative thing. The oils for this product leaks. I store it in my medicine cabinet and it get all over the bottom of other things in my medicine cabinet. April 23, 2012
Will not pay full price for this well initially I purchased this because I ran out of my normal secret deodorant and decided to try something new. This deodorant is suppose to restore skin tone, reduce wetness, and LAST 24 HOURS. Lets start off with the positive: it smells awesome when applied it doesn't irritate my skin it gets clear after a minute or two here are the cons: when shaving it clogs the razor even when I try to scrub it off not sure how much it lightens the skin, my under arms were never extremely dark but I guess it lightened. Don't know how it would work on a serious under arm. THE PART THE ANGERED ME THE MOST! After about 3 hours, the smell wore off!!! I mean it may mis with my natural body chemical and or sweat but it's not suppose to just lose freshness. When I use secret deodorant the freshness last way longer. And they aren't clinical strength. This is suppose to last 24 hrs. If you ask me, Dove owes me 20-21 hrs worth of money for each day I used it. Overall I'd recommend dove changing their formula. I'm sticking with secret as of now I guess. Dove soap is awesome but this deodorant isn't up to par as far as keeping my underarms smelling fresh. fyi. I do not participate in sports or serious physical activities to cause me to sweat a lot so you know. June 26, 2013
Good product As it works great. I don't like the white stains that it leaves on my clothes August 7, 2012
It actually works! This deodorant has great protection and my armpits have defiantly lighten a lot since I've been using it and it has been two weeks now. I'd give it one more week and my pits will defiantly be even skinned tone. They've always been extremely dark and i've found certain deodorants only to make them darker! This product was very effective and fast while all the natural remedies weren't! Never thought my pits would be light, so glad I got this product :) August 27, 2013
This product does not last. To who it may concern: I bought one Clinical Protection deodorant about one week ago and I am very unhappy with it. It works well and it protects me all day, but it goes too does not last like the other dove deodorants. I will need to buy another one, but since they are very pricey..I may have to buy the regular dove deodorants. Just wanted to let you know how very disappointed I am with this product! Thank you for listening!! August 12, 2013
Messy I certainly like the protection it gives. I have a very difficult time finding anything that actually works for me. However, I've been purchasing the Clinical Protection for a couple years now and I cannot stand the container. It leaks. After about a week or two of use it starts dissolving/melting and the outside of the container gets slimy. Forget about traveling with it, I have to put it in a baggy with a paper towel as it leaks everywhere. I wish the container was structured better. I'm afraid I'll have to switch after my current one is gone, I just can't take it anymore. June 26, 2012
Amazing! I was a little skeptical about using this product since i have a issue with dark under arms and its been that way since i was a teenager. Figuring i had a shot this product really worked! I saw results in a week and after a month they were completely rid of dark spots! i love the smell which doesn't stay behind on your clothes like most do (leaving that nasty old deodorant smell) and it even prevents me from sweating in the first place! April 15, 2012
Does exactly what it says... And quickly! I am so impressed with this product. Just after I started noticing dark marks under my armpits, I saw the commercial for Dove Clear Tone. I only used the product for a week and it was improved. After a few weeks, it's completely gone. ( just in time for bikini season ) Thanks for coming up with this product. It's awesome! Christine in Simpsonville, SC June 23, 2012
Just One Thing I love Clinical Protection Dove Deodorant, except one thing...not much product in each container. I run out much faster than I did using Dove Sleeveless. I have to click a long time just to get to the product. The container looks almost used up by the time I get any product out. However, it is very effective and is a product that works well for me. July 14, 2013
Clean, strong and long lasting. This deordant is amazing. The packaging is advanced and the smell is subtle yet not obnixious. The smooth feeling feels like a solid and dries quickly. I love this product but not the price. July 25, 2013
The BEST.... I've been using this deodorant now for 4 months and I can tell the difference under my arms. I couldn't believed it . I don;t have dark under arms anymore. I got the dark under arms after my pregnancy. Now I don't have it.... I feel confident now I can wear what ever I want without worries... Great product. I also got for my cousin, she just started using las week, also my brother who's have sensitivity to deodorant just can use dove, because he's a swimmer have to shave his under arms. He's using this deodorant because he got dark under his arm. I hope that will work for them too. May 21, 2013
This is winner!!!! I recently got Dove Clinical Protection for trial. I definitely put it to the test. I used it the last few days while doing yard work. It happened to be the first few humid days we have had and was extremely hot out. If I would of used my normal deodorant I would be sweating buckets. Not with Dove. I was totally amazed how well this product worked. I went out today and bought Dove. This is a keeper. June 12, 2013
Great deodorant I wanted to express how much I love Dove products!!! I have always been so passionate about these products because I know they work, especially the deodorants labeled as clinical strength. I have always used Dove deodorants but when I used Dove CLINICAL STRENGHT clear tone deodorant I immediately loved it!! I always needed a stronger deodorant that would provide 100% protection and make me stay fresh all day long and this product was the answer I was looking for!!!!!! In addition to that, I love that this deodorant has the clear tone feature. My underarms always get irritated badly when I shave and now Im left with dark marks, but not anymore!!!! This product has erased them and that is why I am sharing my passion of this product!! I absolutely love it!!! May 1, 2012
Great product I love this product, however, when you open it, you have to turn the dial about 45 clicks before the deodorant even reaches the top. Also, some deodorant is squeezed out between the top and bottom pieces on the inside of the tube. When the deodorant costs almost $8, it's disappointing to see it wasted. May 29, 2013
not a great product I really do not like this product. Had no effects except a fresh scent and my underarms are still dark. This doesn't do what it says. May 25, 2013
Clinical Strength Thought I would try Dove brand Clinical, doesn't work like competitive clinical brand at all. Acts like a regular kind. Will not be repurchasing and will use this one as a "ah-oh I'm out" situation. May 13, 2013
How do you hold the product bottle? I can't figure out what happens when I click the bottom. Is the product distributed to the top when it is held upright? There are no instructions on the box and I have not used this type of product packaging before, April 4, 2013
Love it I love this deodorant! The only issue I have had is that it gums up my razor. I found a solution to that by using a face scrubber on my underarms when I wash them before shaving. This brings the deodorant off and I don't have a problem. I'm so happy to use this product! Kudos Dove!! And thanks! :) January 22, 2013
Good product horriable packaging I have bought several of these and the container is junk. Product works amazingly. When you turn the dial the product come out inconsistently and I have had two of these that top comes up making a hot mess out of it. For how expensive it is compared to the regular strength I had higher hopes on the container not making such a mess. Look at the design for Secret Clinical Strength it works. I will be continuing to buy Secret and won't buy Dove "because it was on sale." May 21, 2012
Great for underarms marks... Used this product for A month now. My underarms marks are literally disappearing before my eyes. Plus the scent of the deodorant is great. Love,Love this product. January 22, 2013
This product is wonderdul. I have been using Dove Clinical for the last couple of years and it doesn't compare to other clinical deodorant products. Whenever I sweat I am not concerned that my Dove won't mask my stress. No more sweat marks on my clothes, Woohoo. Love it! November 21, 2012
Excellent protection This provides a clean fresh scent and provides excellent protection without any stains and no sensitivity. May 6, 2012

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