go fresh Energizing Body Mist

go fresh Energizing Body Mist

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Try Dove® go fresh Energizing Body Mist with a hint of Dove® moisturizer and the juicy, sparkling scent of grapefruit and lemongrass. Lightly mist anywhere on your body for an uplifting burst of long-lasting freshness. Try the matching deodorant for all-over freshness!



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Proper Underarm Care: Shaving

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SD Alcohol 40-B (Alcohol Denat.), Water (Aqua), Glycerin, Fragrance (Parfum), Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane, Yellow 6 (CI 15985), Yellow 5 (CI 19140).

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go fresh Energizing Body Mist 5 5 59 59
Simply the Best! I cannot find this in stores anymore and that really drives me crazy! This was my all-time favorite product from Dove, and POOF just like that it disappeared... Bring on the tears! especially since I only have half a bottle left and I'm afraid to use it now. I searched online to see what happened and now I see sites selling stocks of this scent for $18+... (not including shipping&handling) That's insane, especially when they're only selling 3, 3oz bottles... I may be desperate, but I have a 10 month old daughter and the thought of spending that much money for a product that I could buy in stores for $3 is quite... grotesque... There would be no way for me to justify to my fiance why I had spent so much money on body mist, especially when I'm in the middle of planning & saving for a wedding while on a budget. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, don't make me buy some from those online scammers! Bring this scent back! I'm obviously not the only person who loved and misses this product! Listen to your customers and make them happy! we don't want to be taken advantage of by those outrageous online sites! October 17, 2013
I love this spray! I love this stuff so much, but I can't find it ANYWHERE!! You can't even order it off the dove website! Pretty disappointing. I'd really like to be able to purchase more of this stuff. I'm tired of using it very sparingly! Please and thank you! April 2, 2013
A MUST HAVE! This is my all time favorite mist. I love how it lasts all day long. But I can't find it anywhere anymore. Dove PLEASE change this! March 31, 2013
Love this scent I love this spray but I can't find it anywhere. Please make more. It is a hot seller. May 9, 2013
L♥ving the energizing body mist This lovely scent is beautiful and simply bursting with energy. It makes you feel and smell sooooo goood. I absolutely love it. I'm running out and can't find this scent anywhere (walmart, super market, rite aid, wal-greens or health n beauty stores). HELP PLEASE! April 24, 2013
Best out there!!! This is a great scent!!! Its not too overpowering and leaves a nice fresh scent! I use this also as room freshener and spritz on my pillow. Its a fantastic summer scent!!! Please dont discontinue! This is so hard to find! May 3, 2013
Love this - bring it back! As others have said, this is the best mist! Please restock it! November 15, 2013
Best scent ever I found a tiny bottle of this over a year ago and have gotten nothing but compliments on this. People stopped me in the store to ask what scent I was wearing!! For the life of me, I cannot find this anymore, and neither can any of the women I've recommended it to. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring this product back into stores or make it available to purchase online! November 5, 2013
Love it!!! Please please please keep making this body spray - it's the best scent I've found and the only one I wear now. I get compliments all the time and I've even given it as gifts. It has a wonderfully fresh, clean, pretty sent with no heaviness. It's getting so hard to find this - please listen to customers and keep this around! May 17, 2013
Wonderful! I absolutely love this spray. It is light on the nose but lasts all day! I spray a little on every day before I leave the house and those who are close to me know this as my "yellow perfume." August 22, 2013
bring this scent back absolutely love this scent...is it being discontinued? WHY?? I agree wholeheartedly with everyone else doing these reviews. Wonderful scent but cannot find anywhere any more. PLEASE BRNG THIS SCENT BACK!! August 20, 2013
my favorite body spray!!! I love this so much I get compliments from everyone when I wear it and I can't find it anywhere !!!!! Please tell me it's not discontinued :(( October 26, 2013
Dove mist Just like everyone else here I WANT my Dove mist back......this is the best scent. I get tons of compliments and reccomend it to everyone that asks so that it would keep the product on the market. October 25, 2013
I Love this scent Would you please put this scent back on the market, it is fresh light and wonderful, my favorite. I keep hoping that i will see it next time i go to the store and i keep getting disappointed, please return it, (and get rid of that awful pomegranate) October 15, 2013
lemon grass body spray This scent is amazing, it last all day and smells so fresh. I will till this day choose this over name brand perfumes. December 13, 2012
I adore it When I was in US I bought some, to have when I will go at home, Europe. I love it's smell. Sorry to say I can't find this product in my country. A relative of mine used to send me some bottles to have it. This is my lovemark. I use it for 4 years, everyday! August 13, 2012
best scent in the entire world! i have been using this body spray for years now. it's my favorite smell and other people always tell me i smell nice when i wear it :) April 18, 2012
LOVE IT and seems to help deter Mosqitoes and ticks Ok I will add my name and plea to the mix. The Lemongrass/grapefruit sent is a summer STAPLE at my house!!!! I use this scent in body Spray and in Shampoo and Conditioner all summer long. The combination of the 2 really seem to deter ticks and mosquitoes. Now I can't find the body spray, Shampoo, or conditioner anywhere! B & BW stopped making their Lemongrass Sage and now it seems apparent you have stopped making this product. YOU really need to start making this product again or make another Lemongrass product for those of us wanting a natural insect deterent thats not laced with harmful chemicals. PLEASE help those of us in love with this scent!!!! Also add a lemongrass lotion to the line while your at it. June 16, 2013
This scent is so refreshing! I love this scent so much! Its such a refreshing scent that stays on all day and you only need 2 sprays! I wish stores around me would actually carry it, I buy several when I do find it though in fear that dove may discontinue this scent!(which i hope they will never do) August 30, 2013
The only scent I want to wear. Love this scent, but can not find it in retail. Please make it more available. Amazon carries it in bulk for $60.00 which is not practical for me. April 18, 2013
It's scent is so similar to a breezy sunny day. It's refreshing and energizing and makes you feel ready to tackle your day with its beautiful, light, It's scent is similar to a relaxing summer breeze. I put it on in the morning and spritz it on during the day for a cooling, refreshing feeling. I get compliments and questions about it daily. It gives you that " just showered feeling whenever you apply it and unlike imitations, it lingers softly thru the day. I love it and never leave home without it! August 14, 2013
PLEASE SELL THIS EVERYWHERE!!!!! Dove - you would be dumb to discontinue this or not promote it more. I've gotten more compliments with this scent (AS A MAN - LOL!) then anywhere. People are always saying "wow, you smell really nice" because it has a subtle, very pleasant, refreshing scent and makes your skin wake up. Your marketing team really needs to get back on its A-Game because your other products for body mists are nice, but a little fruity and strong, but this is PERFECT -- it needs to be featured front and center at more stores --- I'm literally buying in bulk from overstock companies because I can't get it anywhere and found it on discount at a drug store a year ago -- used it all year!!! June 8, 2013
Discontinued?! Omg, Nooooooo! Is this true? I'm here cause I to cant find this product anywhere any more. Going nuts looking for it. I would always buy 3 bottles at a time (home, purse, car). Which all 3 are down to the last drop. Love this scent. So many compliments. Smells shower clean fresh all day. And doesn't make me sneeze or give me migraines like regular perfumes. PLEASE Dove if you've discontinued this... Please bring it back :-( August 4, 2013
LOVE IT!! I absolutely love the refreshing scent! It's perfect on hot summer days or freezing cold winter days!! It's scent is an awesome pick me up!! August 19, 2013
great shampoo this shampoo was fantastic. i won't buy anyting else August 21, 2013
it smells soooo good! I bought this cause i love the other one's, and it smells so good i love to use the body wash and spray all over after i lotion. It last all day! And i move a lot. ;) Jessica August 14, 2013
FRESH ! loveeeeeeeeeee it On my way off to school or out with my girls ,i spray it and its always in my bag ,when i'm on the go . girls and my friends always asks you smell nice what is the your smell great . i say it loud it's Dove girl :) i love it light and fresh . January 13, 2013
Bring this one back! I rarely write reviews, but I felt the need to add another plea to the legion: Please, don't discontinue this scent. It was the freshest and most pleasing of the whole Go Fresh line. I've tried the others, but I was left completely unsatisfied (I even dumped the plum variety down the drain so I could use the bottle). After a long day, I'd spritz myself with the citrus scent and immediately feel more awake and ready to tackle the rest of the day. I'll be so sad if I can't buy this by the time university starts in the fall; the days will actually feel less manageable. So, get crackin', Dove! June 20, 2013
Refreshers my work day. Great refreshing product to freshen up with. Lovely smell not to over powering able to use around my patients. August 17, 2013
Love. I love this body spray and often wear it Instead of perfume. But my local Walmart stopped selling this scent. Don't know what to do when I run out. August 14, 2013
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