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Purely Pampering Body Wash Shea Butter With Warm Vanilla 5 5 30 30
This is a great product. I would recommend Dove body wash because it leaves you feeling fresh and clean. November 18, 2013
smells great In addition to being a really rich moisturizer, it also smells terrific. November 4, 2013
Truely pampering I absolutely love this body wash. It has an amazing scent that's not to powerful but lasts all day. It leaves my skin soft even without lotion. October 31, 2013
Really moisturizes I love this body wash. After trying many others that left my skin feeling and looking dry and cracked. It was a breath of fresh air to finally find a product that delivered on it's claim to moisturize and leave skin soft. Bravo! to Dove. August 5, 2013
i really like it! one of the best products, smells good and nourishes well October 24, 2013
excellent product... It is my best friend for hydrating my body I use it daily, my skin feels soft and smelling very durable my honey loves... September 30, 2013
Leaves my skin so soft! I first used Dove Shea butter with warm vanilla and brown sugar about 1 year and half ago and I loved it so much that I brought 4 bottles at one time!( The bottle said new and didn't want it to disappear on me, lol!) Still to this day it is my signature smell because it takes to my skin so well I don't even need perfume! I am a little confused these days on rather the Shea butter with warm vanilla is the same as the Shea butter with warm vanilla & brown sugar because there is a hint of a different smell. Either way I LOVE IT!!!! :-) <3 DOVE August 31, 2013
excellent It works great. I love all of dove products. It hydrates my skin keeps it soft and smooth. September 14, 2013
Been in love with Dove all my life My mom has been buying Dove for my sister's and I since I can remember and now that have my own child I couldn't think of anything else to use especially on his dry skin. I found that the vanilla is also a calming scent for him after bath times and the shea butter hydrates his skin 10 times better than anything else I've tried and it doesn't leave him oily. August 1, 2013
Leaves skin feeling very smooth! I just recently switched to Dove body washes after hearing all they do to promote girls self esteem. I think its great. and i love it They leave your skin feeling so smooth. They all smell so good as well. I love the smell of this the best. June 29, 2013
Excellent product for dry skin! I've tried many products over the years for my extremely dry skin and Dove Shea Butter Cream Oil is absolutely the best. I highly recommend it along with the Cream Oil lotion. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!! May 8, 2013
This Prodoct made skin so soft I don't use any thing but dove it makes my skin soft. May 19, 2013
First time user I have always had trouble with my dry elbows. Tried various lotions with no success. On my 1st use of this product I noticed a great difference. Now I've used it 3x and I have gotten rid of my elbow problem. Thanks Dove! April 22, 2013
I love the fresh scent! This is my favorite product. This makes me look forward to my shower everyday. I love the scent and the rich lather! I also love the creamy lotion feel on my body. February 14, 2013
Best for your skin Perfect for all type of skins, you will Love it !! It's best Love You Dove February 22, 2013
This is the best body wash ever! I have used or tried every typpe of body wash and this is by far the best. Winter always leaves my skin dry and itchy with this product, no more. My only complaint is stores can't keep it in stock. LOVE IT January 18, 2013
Love Shea Butter Dove makes the BEST body wash products on the market as far as I am concerned. My favorite of all time has been the Dove Cream Oil with nutrium moisture, rosewood and cocoa scent. I haven't seen the Cream Oil on the market lately so I think this product may have taken it's place. You can't go wrong with DOVE for skin care products. November 21, 2012
The best! I love this! It smells really good and I would recommend to anyone. February 12, 2013
Good product, poor receptacle The plastic dispenser bottle is not user friendly, cannot fit into most shower holders and cannot be inverted to stand for quick flow of the product. Have to redispense it into a pump or user friendly bottle for use in shower. January 1, 2013
Love this body wash I love Dove products, this one is my favorite, love the smell. Love, love, love it!!!! January 18, 2013
Purely Awesome!!! It makes your skin feel silky & soft! My family was visiting for the Thanksgiving holiday and they asked me could they use some because it smelled so good and noticed my skin was extremely soft. November 25, 2012
AMAZING!!! This body wash is my FAVORITE. It leaves my skin so soft and hydrated. Its very thick and creamy and I LOVE IT! October 26, 2012

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