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Purely Pampering Body Wash Shea Butter With Warm Vanilla 5 5 30 30
Smells GREAT feels even better!! Dove is THE only body wash, shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, and lotion that I have ever used that leaves my body and hair feeling so soft and fresh. This particular body-wash is just as amazing as the rest of their product, it has a great scent, but not too much to give a headache like some brands, and it leaves your skin feeling super soft after the first use. I like that, because I always want instant results, and Dove is great at giving great results immediately, and even better as you use it more.. I have super dry skin without my Dove products, and this is a great one to add to my collection! P.S. My husband even uses this!! January 18, 2014
My skin is super soft WOW! I was blown away because this product instantly worked. My skin is rather dry, and sensitive so I wanted to try this out. I did not think it would work as well as it did. My skin in about 3 weeks was totally transformed from dry to soft. It was also gentle on my skin and my skin didn't feel tight after use. Trust me this product will make your skin feel amazing and the scent of this is so out of this world. For all of the women out there with dry skin, please use this product I highly recommend it. January 23, 2014
It makes your skin feel soft and smooth .And makes your skin smelling great Please try it your skin will feel 100x better then before! January 6, 2014
I'm Very Soft !!!! I have very dry skin, and I really like this product, it keeps me feeling soft all day and helps with the dry skin itch, too !!! The scent is awesum too !! December 29, 2013
i love this product This is the best scent ever!! I love using this product every single day! The scent lingers and I love it. Its my favorite smell December 19, 2013
I cannot bathe each morning without finishing my shower with this product I will not use any other product but Dove body wash December 19, 2013
My All Time Favorite! This is probably my favorite body wash of all time. I discovered this body wash about two years ago and I haven't turned back. The scent is amazing! Although the scent is described as a warm vanilla scent, I think it smells more like rich buttercream!!! This is perfect for fall and winter because it's thick, creamy,very moisturizing, and creates a luxurious creamy lather.My skin feels soft and smooth with a delicious scent. I hope this body wash is never discontinued! September 16, 2013
This Body Wash needs a Lotion! I love the way this body wash smells! I wish Dove would make lotions that match the body washes. They would put Bath and Body Works out of business!. I used this after I finished my nighttime workout and I feel so fresh, like I never worked out. It is definitely good for those who take showers at night and want to smell good as they go to sleep! July 8, 2013
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