go fresh Cool Moisture Beauty Bar

go fresh Cool Moisture Beauty Bar

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Dove go fresh Cool Moisture Beauty Bar contains an ultra-light hydrating formula and the crisp, soothing scent of cucumber and green tea. It’s a refreshing, uplifting sensation for your skin.



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go fresh Cool Moisture Beauty Bar 4.9 5 48 48
I Love .. I really recommend this product ,my little son have an issue with dry skin not in all body, just in some areas, my sister told me one day , you need to star use a Dove bar for you son, and I see how the most dry areas star to look better, and the itchy problem is now getting better. If you have like the same problem you don't need spend a lot of money for star feel better. October 22, 2013
The only "bar soap" I will ever use! I love, love, love this product! My kids & I have very sensitive skin to the point that I break out in hives from other bar soaps. My grandmother used the traditional white beauty bar for as long as I can remember & I just love the new fragrances that are available. The bar lasts so much longer than body wash & is much more cost effective for my large family of 5. I want to try the winter beauty bar next & I am sure it to will be awesome. This product is affordable, makes my skin feel silky & smooth, smells fantastic, & the whole family can use it. What more could you possible ask for? I <3 Dove! January 9, 2013
Love love love this bar soap! My top 5! This is the best bar soap I've ever used. I don't use bar soap a lot anymore usually for showering I use a body wash but with this light fresh scent I'm in love use it in the shower mostly use at the kitchen or bathroom sink love it the scent isn't overpowering and doesn't dry your skin out. February 22, 2013
Love it! I am older, and since menopause I have struggled with dry skin. I decided to try this soap and my skin is much softer and smoother. Thanks for this lovely light scent, because for some reason I don't like the traditional Dove scent. I am looking for a moisturizing spritz oil that I can spray on after showering...nothing with a strong scent. I would love it if Dove would make such a moisturizing spray with this light scent. Until then, I guess I will keep looking. October 29, 2012
very nice Ive used Dove productsfrom the time I was a little girl. It is the only soap I buy. February 21, 2013
so fresh!! Love all Dove products and this one is a fresh version of the classic dove soap bar, same features, same quality, same everything! August 12, 2013
This is a wonderful soap, and my whole family loves the smell and the way it makes our skin feel. It is not irritating like many other soaps. This is a wonderful soap, and my whole family loves the smell and the way it makes our skin feel. It is not irritating like many other soaps. January 8, 2013
This is a great product for all skin types. I use this soap and just love the scent and the smooth feeling it leaves your body feeling after your shower. You don't even need to put lotions on because it is so soft to your skin and stays that way even after showering. Try it, you will love it, it takes off mascara in a minute without taring out all your eyelashes. Try it and you will notice the difference right away!!!!!! May 30, 2012
this product is so great I love it so creamy silky moist on my skin I love how soft it leave my skin I had very dry skin but since I start using this product my skin so soft smooth love it November 6, 2012
LOVE! I love my Dove Beauty Bars! I always get this scent because it's subtle but really yummy :) It leaves NO residue, lasts for a super long time, and I love the campaign for real beauty that Dove is doing too! Overall, I love Dove, this product in particular. April 3, 2012
This product is AWESOME!!! I really like it and I recommend it A LOT!!! :) I really like this soap because it smells really good and it is perfect for oily skin. It is simply the best soap that I ever used! July 7, 2013
DOVE makes an "EXCELLENT" product. Smells good, CLEAN & FRESH..always feel like you just stepped out of a shower & that could have been 8 hrs prior ! DOVE makes an "EXCELLENT" product. Each Scent Smells GREAT, CLEAN & FRESH..Always feel like you just stepped out of a shower & that could have been 8 hrs prior ! FRESH FRESH FRESH....Try the entire line, I guarantee you will be both shocked (by the quality & value) & VERY PLEASANTLY SURPRISED (by the very affordable price & variety of scents available to please every nose!!! LOL) !!! Enjoy !!! May 29, 2013
Fresh and Clean all day Dove has been a life long product, from baby to woman. I have always loved all of their scents, but Dove should look into a PH balancing beauty bar for women's intimate parts. Otherwise, dove beauty bars have always left my skin feeling clean, fresh, and moisturized. May 22, 2013
It's Dove, always improving on the best! My son is now 31yo. When he was a baby, he had dry flaking skin, and his pediatrician recomended Dove Soap. I was raised on Ivory. I switched to Dove and it solved his dry skin problem and i've loved it all these years, it's clean fresh feeling and moisurizing. May 18, 2013
This is my favorite Dove Bar varient I absolutely love this bar. I know more people are leaning more towards body wash now but I'm a traditionalist and this bar is a must have. When I get out of the shower my skin feels smooth and nourished. I'm not one for strong smells and this bar is the perfect balance. Please never discontinue it! May 9, 2013
This is the best cleaning product I have ever used! PLEASE BRING BACK YOUR PILLOW CLEANSING PADS!!!!!! June 2, 2013
This soap is very good The scent is very pleasant, & the soap is mild whether you have allergies or eczema it is good to use. Dove has been a highly recommended product by me for more years than I care to remember. One day I looked at various products I used only to discover most of them were Dove. May 7, 2013
fresh burst bath soap i have been using fresh burst bath soap ever since it has been out, i love it, cant find it any more, use all your products, just started using your roll on deoderant, the best, wish i could find the fresh burst, thank you May 8, 2013
Test- This product is great! It doesn't irritate or make your skin dry. May 14, 2013
I love the way it leaves my skin soft and the smell. I love all dove products. I love the smell it leaves on my body, how it leaves my skin feeling so soft! May 8, 2013
Great exfoliating soap bar! This one is better than any face wash of other brands.. Simply the best soap bar to use to keep your skin fresh, clear and soft! Absolutely love it! April 30, 2013
Love the refreshing scent! I go out of my way to purchase Cool Moisture bars over any other product. I love the refreshing scent and the moisture content. Leaves me feeling clean and smelling great. I have often been told that I smell nice and I don't wear perfumes. April 16, 2013
i loved this product i absolutely loved this product it didn't dry out my skin and i would recommend this to all my friends. May 3, 2013
overpowering perfume smell is a turn off Perhaps this is a very good soap for your skin. I'll never know because I had to throw the bar out (green tea and cucumber) because of the overpowering perfume scent (nothing at all like green tea or cucumber). Started to smell the stuff in the kitchen cooking area as the newly opened bar sat in a bathroom down the hallway. Why the overwhelming perfume scent in a so-called "natural" scented bar? As I say, it may be good soap, but who needs to smell the stuff all over the house? January 9, 2013
The only soap my family uses. I love this soap so much I have to bring a bar with me every time I travel, even just staying the night somewhere. My husband is the same way. It always leaves my skin hydrated and smooth and never sticky or filmy. It smells great, and is even gentle enough to use on my face. I started using this soap about 9 years ago and I have been using it ever since. February 19, 2013
DOVE BEAUTY BAR - MY Favorite!!! THE ONLY ONE i HAVE USED IN OVER 40 YEARS Have used Dove soap for many, many years. Have some allergy problems, but none with the Dove soap.beauty bar. Love the way my skin feels. Have tried all the scents.They are all great but I mostly use unscented or sensitive skin GREAT PRODUCT!!! I WOULD RECOMMEND ANY DOVE PRODUCTS. January 28, 2013
CLASSIC AND DEPENDABLE My mother depended on Dove soap, and now I do. This version is my absolute, go-to favorite from the whole line of Dove soaps. It consistently leaves my skin smooth yet clean. There is no harsh burn left by some soaps with lye. The scent is fresh, but it's not really about the scent for me. This product WORKS. I am constantly complimented on my skin (it kind of freaks me out every time). I do not purchase expensive skin cleaners - for me, it's Dove. Pure and simple! September 1, 2012
excellent Dove is the only soap I can use, It smells fresh and makes my skin feel soft and smooth. February 19, 2013
Great products I love Dove products. They are truly the only soap, and shampoo products I use. February 2, 2013
Awesome products!!! Dove products are everything they make claims about. January 17, 2013
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