White Beauty Bar

White Beauty Bar

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Help skin feel more firm and elastic in 7 days.*

The secret to beautiful skin is every-day moisture, and no other bar hydrates skin better than Dove. With ¼ moisturizing cream, this beauty bar cares for your skin, leaving it soft and smooth. It's a simple daily step to reveal beautiful, radiant skin.

*Vs. ordinary soap



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Sodium Lauroyl Isethionate, Stearic Acid, Sodium Tallowate or Sodium Palmitate, Lauric Acid, Sodium Isethionate, Water, Sodium Stearate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Cocoate or Sodium Palm Kernelate, Fragrance, Sodium Chloride, Tetrasodium EDTA, Tetrasodium Etidronate, Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891).

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White Beauty Bar 4.9 5 291 291
User for 50 years My mother used noting but dive on her skin she had the most beautiful skin, people would always compliment her. I followed in her footsteps and have used dove for my favorite. I take it with me when I travel. Won't use anything else. If I don't have my dove I don't use soap. April 16, 2012
Great Soap We have used Dove soap for many years. It does not dry out our skin. We have used all the types and love them all. We stock up on Dove when there is a money savings coupon in the newspaper. All of our six grown children are Dove fans as well. Thanks for such a great product. April 13, 2012
I Love Dove! I have always used Dove soap. My favorite is the yellow energizing bar. It totally makes me come to life in the morning! Great scent and very refreshing! I have been trouble finding it? I also enjoy the Fresh Burst bar with nectarine and white ginger scent. May 18, 2012
the best I have ever, ever used I have used Dove for so long, and believe me I have tried so called other brands (bath and body works etc), But there is no comparison. I have always had sensitive, dry skin and I wont use anything other than dove, I also love the coupons and the samples, thank you... April 16, 2012
Creamy Dove This product makes you feel and smell fresh. I use this all of the time for years and I wouldn't use any other product except DOVE. The intensive repair shampoo is excellent and is my favorite along with the conditioner. The bar soap helps aged skin, senstive skin. April 16, 2012
5 Dove is the best soap ever. I have been using this since I was a teenager. I have soft clean skin when I use Dove. I would not say this if it were not true. It's the very best on the market for me and my family. Just one try and you will be hooked for life. April 16, 2012
Product leaves skin soft and non itchy. I love Dove soap. My skin feels soft and does not itch after use. I love the way it lathers on your skin and also the fragrance. Since I have dry skin the moisturizers in Dove leave my skin more supple. I believe it has been very beneficial to my skin. April 20, 2012
This Product is the best all year round I can never get tired of using this product because it is in season and out of season, meaning you can use it all year round, winter, summer, Autumn or Spring. Dove gives my skin the best nourishment my skin deserves all year round. I love my Dove:-) April 18, 2012
DOVE is #1 A Big Thanks to Momma! Dove is what Mom bought when we were growing up. Now grown-up "Dove" is all I ever use! I used Dove on my children when they were babies. I loved how their skin smelled and felt after using Dove. I will never give it up! May 6, 2012
Love that Dove!! Many years ago the doctor told my husband that he was getting "too clean" in his showers!!!??? The doctor recommended Dove and we have been using it ever since. No more skin problems!!! Thank you Dove for moisturizing my husband!!! I use it too!!! April 22, 2012
ILOVEDOVE! Dove, bar soap is the only soap, that i feel gets the job done! not only do i feel clean, my skin i always staying clean and soft ! i also smell fresh. i like the yellow and pink ones the most ! thanks to who ever came up with how to make dove ! April 26, 2012
Love the soap but HATE the new smaller bar. I guess you felt you would not raise the price but I would definitely rather pay more and have a larger bar. The new smaller bar does not last very long at all. Please go back to the larger bar - make it even larger NOT smaller. May 30, 2012
Makes my skin soft and moisturized This is the only soap I can use that doesn't irritate or dry out my skin. Love the scent and moisturizing! September 30, 2012
The only soap to use! I have been using Dove for sensitive skin bar soap for as long as I can remember. I wash my entire body including my face daily. It doesn't leave a film on my skin like other soaps. Would not even try any other soaps because this one is perfect! April 14, 2012
LOVE IT I started using Dove years ago and my husband got hooked on it so it is now the only soap in our house. It leaves you feeling fresh and squeaky clean as it does not leave a residue like other soaps. It also leaves your skin soft and smooth. April 17, 2012
This product is full of moisturizers We've used Dove bar soap for years and intend to continue using it for years to come! I enjoy buying all the different types, and using a different kind as you finish one! ALWAYS the same GREAT quality and gentleness we've come to rely on! April 13, 2012
great product for all ages I have been using Dove for at least 10 years,because my mother has used it for 30 plus years and has the most flawless,youthful complexion for a 80 plus years woman.Now my husband is using it too,and says it is very moisterizing for him. April 17, 2012
Doesn't sting if you have boo-boo's! :) I had severe burns, skin graft, Dove didn't sting! Washing to prevent infections was a surprise, Dove was the only brand that didn't sting my graft and burns!! Wish it came in a hand pump, but works awesome and I am very happy with it! April 20, 2012
There's no comparison I have been using all of the beauty bars for over fifteen years. It's the only soap that gives me a fresh feeling when I use it. I will never use a different soap. I'm completly satisfy especially the Exfoliation bar. May 29, 2012
Absolutely LOVE it. I've been using it for most of my 59 years and I still get compliments on my skin. I use it daily and always take it with me when I travel. I even have my husband using it for his sensitive skin. I also love the body wash. May 18, 2012
genuine to a fault This is a product that I can remember that my mother belived in, and I too am a believer. I seen some one that I haven't seen in 30 years and they commented on how I haven't aged. At 50 years old that is a complaiment. Thank You Dove. April 16, 2012
Moisturing, wonderful scent, refreshing, softening skin I have been using this product for 30 years. It's moisturing, wonderful scent, and makes your skin feel fresh and moist and soft. I use it as a body and face soap. However I have started using Dove Body Bath recently and love it too. April 14, 2012
I've tried many but this i will never give up ! I am truly in love with your product, please please do not change one thing . I am a grandmother of 5 and we all use your product on a daily basis and we would not think of switching to another brand. LOVE LOVE the PRODUCT !!!!! April 26, 2012
Never had problems I always feel comfortable afterwards, smells nice. but my skin is just a tad ashy after. September 28, 2012
DOVE i love ALLthe DOVE products. i have been using for many EONS. [haha] especially the body wash, my skin is so soft just like a baby's bottom. and my hair, really managable. thank goodness for coupons as they help with costs. April 17, 2012
It's just wonderful This is just wonderful. My hold use it and skin is never dry. It doesn't bother the children allergies. It keeps my elderly mother skin soft and makes her skin smell good. I highly recommend this soap. May 31, 2012
I love it I am currently using this product and i love it. i only use dove sop because all other soaps leave my skin feeling dry. i recommend this to anyone. it smells good and leaves your skin smooth and feeling good. try it! April 30, 2012
This is so good for skin to make it soft. The best beauty bar a person could use for there skin makes your skin feel soft and a liveand last all day.you got to try it and you will see the different too.Men can use it too, so try it and you will see for yourself. April 16, 2012
I liked it alot and it is worth trying. I am so used to using the other dove soaps that I figured I would try this one. I missed my colored soaps! It worked just as good, but without any color but white...I felt I was missing something! June 6, 2012
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