White Beauty Bar

White Beauty Bar

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Help skin feel more firm and elastic in 7 days.*

The secret to beautiful skin is every-day moisture, and no other bar hydrates skin better than Dove. With ¼ moisturizing cream, this beauty bar cares for your skin, leaving it soft and smooth. It's a simple daily step to reveal beautiful, radiant skin.

*Vs. ordinary soap



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Sodium Lauroyl Isethionate, Stearic Acid, Sodium Tallowate or Sodium Palmitate, Lauric Acid, Sodium Isethionate, Water, Sodium Stearate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Cocoate or Sodium Palm Kernelate, Fragrance, Sodium Chloride, Tetrasodium EDTA, Tetrasodium Etidronate, Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891).

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White Beauty Bar 4.9 5 291 291
this is the number one in my eyes! I really love the classic white Dove bar. It's the best of all bar soaps I have ever tried. My G.grandma, on down through the generations have used this soap, and my own step-daughter uses it now! This may sound strange, but the scent to me is the loveliest part, and brings back memories of my grandmothers, and also a safe and happy childhood! It's like comfort soap..instead of comfort food!! Funny I know! I love Dove! April 14, 2012
What's better for your skin than the Dove bar? My hubby and I exclusively use Dove sensitive skin unscented bars! We will be celebrating our 24th wedding anniversary this year. Why do we love this Dove bar? Because it is hypo-allergenic, fragrance free and has creams that gently clean and moisturize your skin while smelling fabulous (. . . and yes, I said the bar is unscented)! Thank you Dove, for helping us keep our skin feeling and looking handsome and beautiful! April 14, 2012
Moisturizes dry skin By far the best soap I have ever used. The scent caught my attention and the way it left my skin feeling really soft and moisturizing. Because I have dry skin, this soap works wonder. I highly recommend this soap to anyone. December 9, 2012
This Product has great Benefits My skin is very sensitive and it was recommended by my OB/GYN to try Dove for Sensitive Skin, unscented. That was a few years back and I have never been happier with the results. My skin is soft and the dryness, I use to feel in the winter is all gone.; thanks to Dove being dermatologist tested and soap free. Please don't change anything, the women of america love you just the way you are. Sincerely, Bree in Ohio April 15, 2012
Finally I tried Dove soap and loved it! For years I'd avoided it thinking it all had the rosy fragrance,I do not like. My husband got a stack of soaps and we use them now and he has peeling skin at the site of his grafting, this soap soothes the grafts and the fragrance is not always the rosy one I don't like the feel is heavenly.We both love Dove and we are going to stick with this brand now.There is no residual greasy film left on the skin either. I really like that too. April 18, 2012
Dove always makes my face feel so clean. Have loved Dove bar soap for my face for many,many years!! My face always feels fresh, soft, and clean after iI wash my face. I always recommend Dove bar soap for people to use on their face to help get it clean and stay feeling fresh for hours after. I dont ever plan to change my Dove bar soap for my face wash. My face is oily most of the time, and Dove makes it feel oil less but not overly dry at all. April 13, 2012
Dove Bar Soap is great I have very sensitive skin, and I can only use a few of the soaps on the market and Dove is my number 1 choice. I have used dove since I was a little girl and I am in my mid fifties now. So, does that tell you any thing? I love the Dove line of products. I would be lost without them. Dove has been a basic in our family since my grandmother introduced it many many years ago to our family. April 18, 2012
The only Beauty Bar for me! I've used Dove exclusively for at least 30 years--It is the only beauty bar that leaves my very dry sensitive skin feeling clean, smooth, soft & moisturized. The pleasant and mild scent doesn't trigger asthma as many other products can. I've tried others but always come back to Dove! Also tuck a small bar or liquid in my travel bag.. YOU CAN DEFINITELY SEE AND FEEL THE DOVE DIFFERENCE! April 14, 2012
Better than most bottled body washes!! The first time I used this product was when I was a teenager, as a personal recommendation for a common skin condition. This is by far the best bar soap on the market, as well as better than most body washes. I combined its lather with an exfoliating pad, and my skin came out smoother than anything else I've ever used. And it's a great alternative if you need to cut your budget. May 16, 2012
40+ years and counting... I have used original Dove for nearly my entire life. I only changed to Sensitive in the last several years after being recommended by my Dermatologist. In fact, they keep a basket of samples~ gotta love that!! People have complimented me on my skin all my life. Dove is all I've ever used. I'm now 52, and still using Dove!! *Oh, and hey... My husband uses Dove for men now, too!! May 11, 2012
The product has shrunk I am 36 years old and have been using Dove for 20 years ...I may stop using it though because they have mad the bars half the size they used to be , and raised the price...It is already a very high priced bar soap , raising the price and making the bars smaller is an insult , especially as hard times fall onto all of us trying to make ends meat ...... May 19, 2012
Perfect, Smooth Skin This is too perfect. My skin is so smooth and it's just perf okay. I recommend this product 2000% because it is that amazing. Smells perf too. November 30, 2012
Great product! I have been using Dove soap bar on my face when showering for many years. I wouldn't consider using anything else. Dove leaves my face feeling soft and refreshed. This is particularly important because I have dry skin. Other soaps just do not do the job. My husband tried it and also uses Dove daily. When we go on vacation, our Dove soap goes with us. May 4, 2012
Best i use I have switched around to many different brands from high end luxury to box store brands and i always come back to Dove soaps and body washes..nothing beats the creamy texture of the soaps and the softness it leaves behind on my skin. I also use it on my three boys ages 3-8 yrs old and it soft and gentle for them too..love it April 22, 2012
Wonderfully effective Dove Moisturizing soap it the most effective for smooth clean soft skin. I really enjoy using my Dove soap in the morning. Now my whole family uses only Dove soap for bathing or showering. It get us clean and leaves our skin feeling moisturizer and soft and smooth. Not dry or oily. I would Hghly reccommend this to every one. April 18, 2012
LOVE DOVE It's the only soap me and my kids use. I can trust it on my sons extremely dry skin. He also has eczema so I have to be very careful what I use on him. Using Dove I know I don't have to worry about his skin. I also love how Dove doesn't dry my skin out like soap does. I have used Dove for many yeard and will continue to. April 17, 2012
Best Soap Ever!!! I have used Dove bar soap for 35 years. Occasionally I would try another soap when I was younger but I haven't done that in years because none can compare to Dove! It leaves my skin feeling so soft and moisturized...it is gentle, cleans wonderfully, and has the best scent of any soap I have ever tried. Thanks Dove!! April 19, 2012
Skin beautiful Dove is the only soap that I can use on my skin period! I have tried other brands, but my skin is too sensitive to use anything else, but Dove! All other products cause my skin allergies to really act up. Thank you for a great product that isn't costly, like everything else, for us that have such sensitive skin! April 13, 2012
A Staple for Many Years The white Dove Beauty Bar has been a staple in my home since I was a child. No matter the time of year, and how my skin is acting, Dove has managed to give me cleanliness and moisture that I need. I will pass Dove on to my kids like my mother did for us. My only suggestion would be to make the bar bigger. April 18, 2012
Says what it is Dove is by far the best soap that I have ever used. It's nice and creamy and you don't have that tight, dry skin when you get out of the shower. The fragrance is beautiful also. I like the way it gets bubbly without having to waste the bar of soap. I am determined to make this the whole family's soap. April 23, 2012
love dove products i use all of the dove products and love them all. i use the bar soap for showering. it leaves my skin soft and clean. the shampoo and conditioner leaves my hair clean and soft and easy to style. the deodorant keeps me dry and smelling good all day long. the lotions keeps my skin soft and moisterized. April 21, 2012
Beautiful Skin I have been using Dove soap since my early teens. When I travel I bring my own dove soap. It makes me feel clean, soft and leaves my skin beautiful. I am 58 yrs old now and I've been told I look 10 yrs younger. I believe Dove has a lot to do with my younger looking skin. I wouldn't use any other soap. April 16, 2012
No other soap on the market can compare to Dove I have tried other cheaper soaps on the market but I always return to Dove. I have extremely dry skin and when using Dove, I can control the dryness. Although Dove costs somewhat more I find it worth the cost with the results I achieve. My family used Dove as I grew up and I am keeping the tradition. April 17, 2012
This product is AMAZING! My whole family uses Dove soap and we all use the different types. I use the original soap and my daughter uses the sensitive skin soap. This soap makes my skin feel amazing and it is better than any other soap that i have tried. I also use Dove shampoo and conditioner and love these as well. April 21, 2012
I live and love Dove! I have been using Dove for over 35 years. I started using Dove because my children had very dry skin. My doctor recommended Dove and I have using it ever since. I love all of Dove products and I do not compromise when it comes to my skin. I love and the skin I'm in and Dove is the reasonwhy. April 23, 2012
My Family Loves Dove! My family uses the Dove moisturizing body bar every time we shower or bathe. I use it daily to wash my face; and everyone can't believe I'm 56 years old. It doesn't dry out your skin like most soap products do. I should know; I've tried practically everything available in the marketplace. April 15, 2012
Truly a Beauty Bar I've been a Dove Bar user for well over 30 years. There is no second best or runner up. It contibutes immeasurably to the ultimate pleasure, the daily bath! The softness, the natural fragrance, and the mildness makes this soap our one and only in our household. Try and it and enjoy it! April 17, 2012
Dove - Great for sensitive skin I have used Dove Products for over 15 years. My dermatologist recommended that I use Dove Soap because I have such sensitive skin. I was sold. My skin feels great. Dove is non-drying and I would recommend it to anyone. Now my husband uses Dove for Men and my mom has switched too. April 17, 2012
Good enough for my babies Good enough for me I highly recommend Dove especially if you have a new baby. I tried using another soap and my twelve year old says "Mommy please do not buy that soap again, please go back to Dove". What was I thinking. People ask me what my favorite scent is I tell them Dove soap and Keri Lotion. April 17, 2012
Great Product Before the shea butter, this is the only kind i have used and i really like it. My skin is very sensitive so i can't use anything strong. This is perfect because it is so soft smooth and gentle and keeps me feeling fresh. July 26, 2012
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