White Beauty Bar

White Beauty Bar

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Help skin feel more firm and elastic in 7 days.*

The secret to beautiful skin is every-day moisture, and no other bar hydrates skin better than Dove. With ¼ moisturizing cream, this beauty bar cares for your skin, leaving it soft and smooth. It's a simple daily step to reveal beautiful, radiant skin.

*Vs. ordinary soap



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Sodium Lauroyl Isethionate, Stearic Acid, Sodium Tallowate or Sodium Palmitate, Lauric Acid, Sodium Isethionate, Water, Sodium Stearate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Cocoate or Sodium Palm Kernelate, Fragrance, Sodium Chloride, Tetrasodium EDTA, Tetrasodium Etidronate, Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891).

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White Beauty Bar 4.9 5 291 291
wonderfully moisturizing Dove white beauty bar is amazing. Because you can use on your face and body saves money and time in the shower. It's wonderfully moisturizing and smells great. June 30, 2013
Perfect for the whole family! I have used this product since 1988! i was born in 1986 and as soon as i was ready for non-baby soap this was the product my mom choose, It is truly the best. I have tried others over the years based on smells or claims of moisture and non compare. Dove is great for winter dryness, i never feel tight skin and its so gentle I didn't wait I used it on my babies and their skin is so soft, clean, smells delicate and perfect! This bar is the best for the whole family! May 15, 2013
The perfect anti-aging tool Dove is truthfully the only beauty bar Ive used since my teen years. I have combination skin and it leaves my skin balanced without too much harshness. I can honestly say it will always be in my home and I actually have to hid a bar for myself as the other family members keep taking it for their showers.I use it all the time even during the day to wash my hands. I love the comments I get on my soft young looking skin from everyone.It has the purest smell and its my soothing, relaxing comfort. Im older but you cant tell my age since Ive used Dove sice my teenage years. If you could see my soft glowing skin its proof, Dove delivers its promise for any sensative skin issue. Id try it cause it really does deliver!! April 17, 2012
Best bar soap out there! Only bar soap I think I'll ever use! I'll use it on my 5 yo son as well & my husband even sneaks and uses it in the winter when his skin gets really dry. I love the way it smells, even tho it is not over powering. It keeps my skin soft and clean without drying it out. I always make sure I have a travel size bar when we go on vacations, too! The original is still the best and the only one for me! :) April 18, 2013
The only soap I will ever use! I have annoying adult acne, that creeps up every once in awhile. My skin is balanced with this soap, it does not dry me out or make my skin too oily, it is perfect. When my dermatologist said to not use any crazy expensive skin cleansers, and asked me what I use, I proudly said Dove. He told me I had just made his day! April 18, 2013
Softness without drying I can count on Dove bar soap has always been my go to bar when my skin gets overly dry, when I just want to sit and soak in my tub. You don't have to worry about sqeezing the bottle which can be hard to do with arthritic hands like mine! So I give Dove white bar soap a 10. I've used it since I was a teenager, and that was some time ago! May 9, 2012
This product is incredible! The way it lathers up in the shower and rinses off without leaving any sticky residue, is amazing. The overall feature of this product is the way my skin has felt since I have been using it. The pleasant scent it leaves behind gives me a spa like feeling of clean. My skin is soft and smooth, no longer with dry patches like when I was using other bar products. I appreciate Dove for continuing improving their moisturizing beauty bar. Dove bar is effective enough for my dry skin, yet gentle enough for my face. I will not be going back to anything else again. Thank you for improving my daily skin care without taking a big bite out of my purse. April 16, 2012
Way too much fragrance I purchased 6 bar pack. Other Dove bars listed various fragrances this bar did not. As a rule I prefer no fragrance or mild fragrance. This was totally overwhelming. Even the next day the fragrance (odor is more descriptive) still lingered in the batroom where I showered. April 16, 2013
In love with the Dove Can you really be in love with a product? My answer is yes if it's a Dove product. I have the most inconsistant skin, never the same two days in a row. I run the gamit on issues with my skin. On any given day I go from needing a basic exfoliant to combination skin, oily, dry you name it. I find any of the Dove skin product when used satisfys my skin issue of the time. My favorite thing to do is exfoliate. Absolutly love it, but what I love more is not having to buy an expensive product to get the job done. Dove will do it everytime and i'm never disappointed. My favorite thing to say is "I'm a Dove girl" and I leave it at that. April 16, 2012
my favorite i cant go without this product it leaves my body soft and gentle. it doesnt dry me out. May 3, 2013
The best soap out I absolutely swear by this soap! I've used it for years and use no other soap. Transitioning to colder months and hotter showers was always a problem for me, with regular soap drying my skin out and leaving it feeling cracked. No such issues with the quarter cream found in the Dove beauty bar! And I've had countless comments on how soft and smooth my skin is, also. February 28, 2013
Would like some tips on how to preserve the bars. Dove, can you create a special dish? Love this product and would like some tips on how to preserve the bars. They are soft and get mushy in the dish. Dove, can you create and market a special dish? I would buy it. ;) April 7, 2013
Nothing better than Dove ! I am a 57 year old female and have been using Dove since I was a teenager. I never use anything but Dove's bar soap as well as the bath wash. I mostly buy the original scent because it is so fresh smelling. A few times in my life I have tried other soaps that make the same claims as Dove but I have always found they never stood up to Dove. I now have my 11 year old neice trying your products. She especially likes your shampoo. I also should mention how others have commented how soft and young looking my skin is. Just another reason to use Dove. Love your products.....never change them! April 14, 2012
Very good product It makes your skin soft, no irritation. Also leaves soft and nice scent. April 16, 2013
Even the name makes you feel good!! My mom started me on Dove when I was young. Like all teen agers, I fell prey to soaps "specially designed for my skin type". I soon learned I had already been using the best and had to concede that Mom did indeed know best! At 57, I have been fighting renal cell cancer for four years. Some of the treatments are especially harsh on my skin, but Dove has brought me through beautifully. I continue to get compliments on my skin and complexion. At my age and what I have been through, that is a miracle. Thank you Dove for being there!! April 17, 2012
A Diabetics Must Have!!!!! As a diabetic I deal with dryness everyday, especially on my face. My dryness was so severe that even my eyelids burned and were scaly. I have tried the mid-to expensive products with no relief. I finally bought a trail size bar of Dove soap $1 , and within a week my eyelids were smooth and soft, and even my undereye wrinkles were minimal due to the moisterizing Dove bar. Thanks Dove, for doing what expensive products couldn't do!!! November 4, 2012
WONDERIOUS............. I am a BAR soap user from way back. My mother and sister have been Pink Dove bar users all our lives and now I have my daughter using Dove products. We all love them. To have an inexpensive product line that makes our skin feel [and smell] so wonderful is just simply great. We won't use anything else but Dove; EVER!!!! AND now you have the new Men's line. My mate loves it as well. He says, that he threw out all the rest of his skin care products so now all HE uses is the Dove for Men. WOW, you've done it again. April 17, 2012
Dove soap is great! I have dry skin, it's so bad that when I get out of the shower, I get a burning, itching feeling all over! I start scratching & have at times wondered if I would break the skin, I was scratching so hard! I've tried many different types and brands of soap, with and without moisturizers. I always put lotion on after my shower, but it takes a few minutes for it to soak in and the itching to stop. The very first time I used Dove, i did not itch at all. I'll never try another brand, Dove is my choice! May 3, 2012
Great Basic Hand Cleaning & Moisturizing Soap This is my 1st choice in bar soap it's been in my home and used often since it came out. Dove has the best bar soaps! February 22, 2013
Gentle on your skin This soap is gentle on your skin. I use it to wash my face as well on my body. March 1, 2013
Great beauty secret for the prego lady I have been pregnant twice in the past 2 years, back to back, and I had soft and flawless (meaning no stretchmarks) skin from head (face included) to toe for both pregnancies. I'm not proud to admit that everday lotion use hasn't been a regularity for me, but my skin still looks and feels hydrated and I just love how smooth my legs are even when I haven't shaved for almost a month! I couldn't use any other kind of beauty product and it's such an inexpensive and time saving product. May 19, 2012
good products but has some cons about it I like this product a lot compared to other products such as Caress and Ivory those products dry out my skin and make it too itchy. I have noticed that the Dove does make my skin feel soft but if I use too much of the bar soap (unscented) on my arms then I can't stop itching my arms for awhile so I have to use less of the Dove bar soap unscented. The Dove body wash doesn't clean as well as the bar soap does so I will keep using the bar soap just not as much of it in the shower. May 30, 2012
Suddenly smaller Have used Dove faithfully for years but disappointed that they made the bar size noticeably smaller. February 20, 2013
I have used Dove w/moisturizing cream for many years for the reason it brings the softness when cleansing and later exfoliates with a tender feeling. It has been a feeling of pleasure for many years using Dove bar morturizing cream daily; it brings a feeling of softness, morturizing lift of cleansing. After exfoliating my face makes my skin feel alittle firm than before and so fresh I'm ready to apply my make-up. I truly believe in Dove which was introduced to me by my mother at a very young age; so you can see I've used Dove bars for years. I use all scents of freshness; Rose pink bar, butter-coconut, cucumber and many more. April 14, 2012
This product does wonders for my skin I have tried all kinds of Body Washes and they do not do any thing for me but since I started using Dove products, I can tell a difference in my skin. I use Dove soap for my face, I have combination skin on my face, I really love Dove's Moisture Body Wash, I use it every night, I have had a lot of people compilment my skin, they have asked me what I use to make my skin look like it does.then I tell them what I use and they told me that they was going to try Dove.products too. April 17, 2012
I love this product. I use this product all the time. I love the scent. My roommate got me to try it and I've been using it ever since. February 6, 2013
This product is amazing. I love the Dove moisturzing pomegranate and lemon verbena scent soap. It makes me feel clean and refreshing. I have been using this product for going on two weeks now and it is amazing. This product does not leave residue or soap scum on any part of body and rinses off nicely. I reccommend the Dove pomegranate and lemon verbena scent soap and body wash. I am yet to try the shampoo and other dove products with this scent. My favorite product my far. May 9, 2012
NUMBER 1!!! This is the only bar I have ever used that does not dry! Ive even used it on my face! I will NEVER EVER touch a bar of soap! January 26, 2013
Love it Johnson and Johnson baby wash broke out my newborn. The only thing that we can use is this soap. It's wonderful and general on the skin. January 14, 2013
"DOVE" ~Once you try it, You can't deny you LOVE It.~ Words cannot describe the way ~Dove~ makes the skin feel so fresh and look Good at the same time... Last but not least, the incredible and unique smells that actually rise from your skin can leave other breathless.. All I have to say is, YOU HAVE GOT TO TRY AN EXPERIENCE AS MANY AS DOVE PRODUCTS POSSIBLE.. You will not regret it. "Trust Me, You Will Be Pleased With Any Dove Product out there" Thank You, M.M. from California April 24, 2012
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