White Beauty Bar

White Beauty Bar

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Help skin feel more firm and elastic in 7 days.*

The secret to beautiful skin is every-day moisture, and no other bar hydrates skin better than Dove. With ¼ moisturizing cream, this beauty bar cares for your skin, leaving it soft and smooth. It's a simple daily step to reveal beautiful, radiant skin.

*Vs. ordinary soap



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Sodium Lauroyl Isethionate, Stearic Acid, Sodium Tallowate or Sodium Palmitate, Lauric Acid, Sodium Isethionate, Water, Sodium Stearate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Cocoate or Sodium Palm Kernelate, Fragrance, Sodium Chloride, Tetrasodium EDTA, Tetrasodium Etidronate, Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891).

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White Beauty Bar 4.9 5 291 291
Great soap to use! I have tried other soaps and they don't compare to dove. Other soaps leaves your skin feeling dry and rough. I recommend this product because it has a great smell and it doesn't make your skin feel dry. October 6, 2013
No more Baby Oil! I used to use the cheap body gels that come in a rainbow of scents, but one day on a whim I decided to buy Dove's White Beauty Bar. After about two weeks, I had completely stopped using baby oil to moisturize my skin. This product is amazing and has made my skin so luminous and healthy looking that it is the only product I use. No moisturizer, no shave gel, just Dove Beauty Bar. Home Run, Dove! June 2, 2013
Creamy I absolutely love the lather and the fragrance. It does keep my face soft. This is my favorite Dove product. October 4, 2013
This product leaves me clean and happy I have been using the dove beauty bar for years ever since I was a young girl, and it is the only "soap" that doesn't leave me itchy and dried out. I love the scent so much that I wish there was a body spray of the original scent... July 7, 2012
effectiveness I absolutely am in love with Dove bar soap!!! I love the heavenly smell and i also love that it is exfoliating because that is very important to me because of my skin issues. I have to be honest and say that my mom and i are in love with this product and have been for several years.!!!!We have always purchased this product and have ignored buying other brands and we are glad we did!!! None of the other products have done what this product has done for me, it makes me my skin so soft and smooth as well and it is very effective. My mother and I have sticked with this brand because we have complete confidence that it is effective and we will recomend it to everyone we know!!! May 1, 2012
Love my Dove (white soap) I've been using Dove for years. Cannot tell a lie, I usually mix it with a different brand body wash. The Pink Dove is fine but one month ago I picked up 2 bars of White. Dove. My shower experience was very different and pure delight. I found the White Dove to be super creamy and I've been using it without / instead of my usual body wash. The only down side is that the soap doesn't last as long. Dove manufacturers: Not sure what you've done to improve White Dove - but it is now the very best ever.. Keep up the great work! Thank you! August 13, 2013
A family legacy One of my earliest and fondest memories was of my grandmother's pink Dove soap. We always had only Dove soap in the house and I have continued that tradition in my family/home. There is no better soap on earth! Soft, gentle, moisturizing and perfectly scented. September 7, 2013
Dove beauty bar is #1 I am 46 years old and have been using Dove since I was 16 years old. This stuff is the best. I even use it on my face and I have very sensitive skin. Thank you Dove! September 10, 2013
MY FAVORITE BEAUTY SOAP! This soap simply makes me happy to the point where I go to a grocery and my window shopping is not complete without taking a whiff of this creamy bar :D May 3, 2013
INDUSTRY STAPLE I brought this at a convenience store with low experctations since it was just a basic item, but I was VERY pleasently surprised. It glided over my face very smoothly, made it squeaky clean and actually moisturized it. This and my Ponds Cold Cream are my favorite skin products of all time, they're so awesome and very affordable. I'm on my second bar! But I can't say if it does anything for anti-aging just yet, I'm only 21. :) March 2, 2013
Absolutely amazing! I have really sensitive skin. I can't use fragrant body washes, and other bar soaps make you feel gross afterward. After switching to Dove, not only do I feel clean, but I know that I'm not dealing with health risks either. I will never use anything else. September 3, 2013
Nothing compares to this The lovelist, best smelling soap out there. I am addicted to the smell and wish it came in a body spray or perfume. Makes you feel fresh and clean, no residue or dry feeling. April 1, 2013
Still My Favorite for Decades Now! I cannot.do without the Dove white soap bar. It is gentle to the skin. April 13, 2013
I love it! I have used Dove bar soap and just keep coming back. I love the lather, it's gentle on my sensitive skin, and very cost-friendly. I have to buy them in batches since I tend to use quite a bit every time. I keep a bar in my shower, and outside to rinse off chlorine from the pool. A true beauty classic. Plus, I'm in love with the scent! August 6, 2013
amazing product I am so amazed at dove beauty bars and moisturizers. I work full time shift patterns and I am 26 -my skin was looking truly awful.l was reccomended dove and just thought 'yeah whatever' but honestly i look like a 26 year old again!!! I love it!!! January 19, 2013
The soap has lost it's lather & moisturizers Have the ingredients changed recently? The soap doesn't lather well and is not moisturizing at all, in fact, it irritates my skin. I've been using this soap for years and found it was extremely gentle and the moisturizers were great for my sensitive/dry skin. PLEASE bring back the old ingredients!!!! August 1, 2013
I love it! I think that this soap is great. It is mild enough that it doesn't bother my sensitive skin August 14, 2013
the best,not a soap but a beauty bar Love it,in the morning afternoon and night.the fragrance is gentle and does not interfere with parfume. Love the texture it gives my face. August 11, 2013
I love the white dove bar! It really makes my skin so soft and never has bothered my skin.I even wash my face with it everyday.I enjoy soft skin. I have been using and enjoying the white Dove bar for 22 years. The reason i continue to use it is very simple....it's been wonderful to my skin!! I love the soft scent,so fresh and clean and it makes my skin so smooth! It is so gentle, i even wash my face with it and it's even effective enough to gently remove my makeup without irritation. Thank you Dove, for keeping my skin beautiful !! Shelly April 5, 2012
Amazing So gentle - even during the winter, this soap does not dry out my skin. Also washes off well, without any residue. Has a fresh, mild scent. A great classic from Dove that I always carry in the house. August 1, 2013
Excellent Product We have been using dove for over ten years. I was prone to adult acne and using a basic face wash which only seemed to make things worse. We switched to Dove sensitive soap and my face has been clear since then. I highly recommend this product for anyone that has blemishes, acne or sensitive to harsh chemicals that is in other soaps. You will be surprised. April 14, 2012
dove bar soap for all type are great. I and my husband have been using Dove Bar soap for more than 5 years. Just 1 word i can say that it's great on my skin. After get out of shower never feel like dry skin. It's the best products. My daughter have been using Dove shampoo and Conditioner for more than 3 years and her hair is in the good shape. Love it. April 14, 2012
Can't Beat A Classic When I first started using Dove, I tried the basic. There's no frills to it, but the thrills are all in the skin! My skin is so soft and healthy...I love it! There are dozens of Dove soaps, but you can't beat a classic! August 26, 2012
I'm 70 YEARS YOUNG and I've been using Dove Beauty Bar for over 45 years! I'm 70 YEARS YOUNG and I've been using Dove bar soap for 45 years! Everyone comments on my beautiful skin! I tell them, "It's Dove!" I absolutely love the way it makes my skin feel moist, soft and clean! I wouldn't dream of using any other soap on my skin! I'm a 45 year testimony for Dove! April 30, 2012
A Dove Lady I use Dove moisturing soap, body wash and deodorant. The moisturing soap makes my face feel soft and moist not dry. The Body Wash leaves behind no film or dryness. The deodorant adds the finishing touch a clean fresh dry feeling and smell. I am a Dove Lady. Soft to the Touch! April 23, 2012
Works great on dry skin and truly works it's magic by moisturizing. I absolutely love Dove! The white bar is classic and smells great. I've tried those bars that contain aloe vera to "moisturize" but none come close to Dove. August 21, 2012
Is great for sensitive skin I love this product. It has a great scent, and makes me feel nice and clean. August 31, 2012
This is my skin care soap (*^ ^*) I been using dove beauty bar soap for three months straight and I have never seen greater results from other soaps that I use like dove. My skin become more beautiful and after I hop right out the shower my skin is smooth from the moister. I will continue to use this product forever. July 4, 2013
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