Don't Sweat It With The Dove Beauty + Strength Spectrum

Hot Days

Balance a pretty
sundress with powerful
underarm protection.
Cotton fabrics allow
your skin to breathe,
while a stronger
deodorant, like Dove
Clinical Protection
, keeps your
underarms dry and
cared for.

First Dates

Get your confidence
up by wearing
something that you
feel great in, and by
thinking about a few
conversation topics
beforehand to avoid
dull moments. Plus,
don’t forget to swipe
on a no-fail deodorant,
like Dove Clinical
Protection Deodorant
so you won’t have
to stress.

Weddings or Parties

Don’t know anyone?
Alleviate the stress of
social situations by
protecting your
underarms with the
balance of beauty and
strength found in Dove
Clinical Protection
. Then, look
for someone else who
might be standing by
themselves, or ease
into conversation with
a larger group.


Prior to a night out,
apply a deodorant
with more powerful
protection, like Dove
Clinical Protection
, and keep
a mini body mist in
your evening bag to
freshen up quickly
and discreetly in
the restroom.


Think light and
layered. Apply a
deodorant, like Dove
Clinical Protection
, and slip
on something fitted
and cool for a lengthy
trip. Then, bring a
sweater, jacket or
pashmina in case you
get chilly.

Big Presentations

Prepare your notes and
your body the night
before. Apply Dove
Clinical Protection
at bedtime
and in the morning for
long-lasting odor and
wetness control, and
the beauty + strength
to rock your meeting—
no sweat.


Don’t forget to breathe!
It helps lower your
heart rate to control
sweating. Plus, wear
gym gear made of
fabrics, and use Dove
Clinical Protection
powerful odor and
wetness protection
that’s also gentle on skin.